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Lockdown recovery - optimize to minimize expenses

20 August 2020

Rebuilding our economy after COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown is not going to be an easy process, especially as people will be looking for new ways to conduct their business, and better methods of improving efficiencies to save money while ensuring a steady income.  

One of the best ways to effectively improve efficiency is to optimize vehicle usage and driver behaviour to minimize expenses, reduce wear and tear and enjoy a better return on investment.

This is where telematics comes into play. A superior telematics system, such as that provided by Cartrack, can provide you with raw data, as well as actionable intelligence that you can use to bring about change.

In addition to the telematics data, Cartrack can also provide two additional systems which business owners, logistics managers and fleet managers can use to ensure their business not only recovers from lockdown, but prospers well into the future.

Let’s unpack these two key elements of the Cartrack offering:


This is a powerful app developed by our inhouse team of software experts. It’s designed for fleet and logistics managers to maintain contact with their driving force as well as assign tasks while the fleet is still on the road. This helps you save money while optimising on-road time for each and every vehicle and driver.


This software gathers administrative information about your fleet, both as a whole and on an individual vehicle basis. This data includes items such as toll fees, license renewal dates and costs, fuel costs, maintenance. At a micro level you can analyse what each vehicle is costing you to run, and at a macro level you can compare vehicles to see which is more efficient, why and how the efficiencies can be replicated across the fleet.

 These two tools, added to the vast array of telematics and tracking data that Cartrack provides through its superior units and Software-as-a-Service can help you make the right decisions at the right time, putting you on top of your game.

 Put your business on the road to recovery with Cartrack today, click here for more information.

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