World-class safety and security

Keep yourself, your loved ones and your car safe

Our advanced GPS IoT vehicle-tracking devices give you all the visibility you need so you can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe.

How Cartrack's Technology Saved Zothile Ngcobo's Life

Durban-based Cartrack customer Zothile Ngcobo was involved in a terrible accident in the early hours of the morning when a truck struck her vehicle forcing her vehicle to swerve and roll down a cliff. Luckily for Zothile, Cartrack's world-class Crash Detection technology notified the control room and within seconds Zothile's help was on the way.

In this video, an emotional Zothile reflects on the moments after the accident and how important it is to be protected by the best.

A family of a dad, mom and daughter driving in the car with smiles

Why choose Cartrack?

With a leading recovery rate, Cartrack ensures you have total peace of mind.

See your vehicle’s live location and full trip history

Know exactly where your vehicles are in real-time so you can be sure your loved ones reach their destinations safely and receive comprehensive trip reports for up to 5 years that show you where your vehicles have been.

A screenshot of a vehicle history showing gps location of a vehicle and how and when it was driven
A photo of Cartrack's helicopter used for stolen vehicle recovery in South Africa.

Get peace-of-mind with stolen vehicle recovery

Our private team of highly trained professionals will help recovery your vehicle in the event of theft. We use our proprietary technology and extensive security network to ensure we can recovery your stolen car.

Get your virtual car guard

Activate Start Prevent to ensure your vehicle cannot be started without your authorisation or use CarWatch to keep a virtual eye on your car and alert you the moment it moves location.

A screenshot of a tracking solution that watches your car and ensures no unauthorized use of the vehicle
A screenshot from Cartrack driver behavior monitoring solution that shows a report of driver behaviour

Improve your safety on the road

Our driver scorecards show you when and where you speed, accelerate quickly, and corner or brake too fast so you can drive safer and lower your fuel and maintenance costs.

Get help instantly in the event of a crash

Our smart IoT device uses special g-force technology to detect an accident in real- time, allowing us to immediately send emergency services to your exact location so you can get the help you need when it matters most.

A logbook screenshot that allows you to show the location of the trip, time taken and the purpose of the trip.