CarWatch – your virtual car guard, anytime, anywhere

After turning off the ignition and locking your car, you trust it’ll be right there when you get back from your day at the office,  grocery run at the mall or wherever you park it.  No one has time to keep an eye on their car 24/7. 

But, what if you could rely on more than just your car’s locking system and the brightly-dressed car guard cheerily promising to look after your car until you get back? Well, now you can. 


A virtual eye on your car

Cartrack has developed an innovative addition to your vehicle’s protection   CarWatch is a virtual car guard, activated quickly and easily via the Cartrack app.

It allows you to remotely monitor your vehicle for any unwanted movements, giving you early detection to any possible theft scenarios with smart telematics technology for ultimate peace of mind.

CarWatch is a convenient, user-friendly feature on the Cartrack’s app that assists in detecting and reporting unauthorised vehicle activity.

How it works

If you’ve activated CarWatch   for any of your vehicles equipped with a Cartrack telematics device, you will instantly be alerted  via the app and SMS the moment your ignition is switched on or there’s been suspicious movement. You can easily activate or deactivate alerts for your monitored vehicle with the touch of a button.

The 24-hour control room will  receive the alert. Agents will immediately register a potential loss and  call you to confirm that all is in order. If possible theft is underway, our control team will  immediately dispatch recovery teams to help retrieve the stolen vehicle.

3 Awesome benefits of CarWatch

CarWatch offers enhanced security assurance and peace of mind for monitoring vehicles parked in easily accessible areas, or expected to be unused over a certain period. Some of the best reasons you may want to activate this feature include:

  • It's affordable - You get instant access to the safety of your vehicle for a minimal monthly subscription.
  • It puts you in complete control - As a vehicle owner you have greater control over your vehicle’s security.
  • It’s user-friendly - CarWatch is easy to use, accessible and available on both iOS and Android.

CarWatch, teamed up with Cartrack’s other features such as Crash Detection, real-time vehicle location, Protector and our 92% vehicle recovery rate, gives you the ultimate in vehicle security. Just lock up and go, no matter which parking lot you leave your car in, and enjoy protection that puts you in control.

Visit for more on CarWatch and have a look at how this feature makes life simpler below:

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