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Primary Contacts

Emergency Contact

In the event of theft or hijacking:

011 250 3000 ( Select Option 1 )


Consumer Sales: 011 250 3134
Consumer Sales: 086 133 3736
Commercial/Corporate sales: 011 250 3132
Corporate Sales:

Customer Care and Support

Customer Care Number: 011 250 3000
Registered Address:
11 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank, 2196
Postal Address: 
P O Box 4709, Rivonia, 2128
Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 8am to 6pm
Saturdays: 8am to 1pm

If you’re not happy with the feedback from our Customer Care Team, please feel free to escalate this to the Office of the CEO: Escalate to the CEO

Ethics and Compliance

Cartrack is committed to the highest standards of professional integrity, ethical behaviour, transparency and fair dealings in the conduct of its business. We do not endorse or condone any form of ethical violations or misconduct. If you have any matters of concern regarding possible fraudulent or ethical irregularities, please report them to for further investigation.

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