Effortless & powerful fleet management

Gain total visibility of your vehicles, drivers and cargo

Smarter decisions, efficient operations and tangible results with a fully integrated system for fleets of every size.

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Power your construction business with vehicle tracking devices for your fleet

Track and improve your fleet and asset efficiency, productivity and security with real-time visibility and actionable insights in one cloud-based platform. Track and improve the efficiency, productivity and security of your construction fleet using real-time visibility and actionable insights.

Track, manage and improve your construction vehicles’ utilisation

Easily schedule your fleet, construction equipment and manpower for every project across every site, and get alerts the moment any of your assets are idling or being overused. This helps you reassign your resources effectively, maximising utilisation and minimising costs.

A yellow backhoe loader construction vehicle at a construction site
A green and red percentage circle graphs indicating time left before a vehicle is due for service to avoid downtime

No more unexpected downtime

Predictive maintenance gives you advance warning of when your construction vehicles and machinery need a service, helping you avoid unexpected downtime, reduce your maintenance costs and increase your fleet’s lifetime.

Keep your construction assets and cargo protected at all times

Advanced geofencing alerts you in real-time if your cargo is offloaded in the wrong location and alerts you the moment your vehicles enter or exit their designated zones, whilst our start prevention technology ensures your drivers only operate your fleet within your authorised hours.

An illustration of geofencing map on an Apple Macbook showing cargo offloaded outside a designated location.
A picture of the operations manager of Concord Cranes, Gareth Langley, with their construction fleet in the background.

“Using Cartrack's advanced fleet management we have been able to increase our operational efficiency to deliver a better service to our customers, as well as effortlessly establish a maintenance cycle that reduces our costs and increases our fleet longevity.”

Gareth Langley
Operations Manager, Concord Cranes
Fleet cabin cam showing a face of a distracted driver who is speeding, braking harshly on Cartrack fleet management software dashboard.

Increase your construction fleets’ safety

Driver scorecards and AI-powered cabin cameras let you see which drivers are tired or distracted, drive, brake or corner quickly, allowing you to implement the correct training to improve their road behaviour and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Accurate timestamps for easier billing

Automated reports tell you exactly when your construction teams arrive or leave their assigned project sites to give you actual working hours, so you can bill your clients and pay your team’s wages accurately, hassle-free.

An illustration of timestamps map on an Apple Macbook showing when a fleet vehicle arrives and leaves an area.
An illustration of Cartrack fleet solution software on an Apple Macbook; using gps tracking to pinpoint each fleet vehicle on a map.

Always know where your construction fleet is

Cut out the unnecessary time and travel costs searching for your construction vehicles and equipment. Our accurate GPS tracking is designed to monitor the exact location and trip history of your assets, no matter the size.

Less admin more fleet managing

Driver ID tags, work logs, breathalysers and machine-utilisation reports ensure only authorised and well-rested drivers use your construction machinery. All processes are automatically documented and you’ll receive update-reminders for any regulatory paperwork or maintenance on your machinery.

A screenshot of Cartrack fleet tracking software showing a real-time alert of a  driver that is being identified with Driver ID tag and prevented prevented from starting a specialized machinery.
A grey pie chart showing total cost of operating a vehicle including, operational and regulatory costs.

Manage your construction fleet profitably

We align all your costs and work-log data in one place so you can understand your real project costs and ensure your pricing keeps you profitable. Our actionable insights help you spot leakages, cut costs and increase efficiencies, empowering you to focus on growing your business.