AI-powered and live-stream camera technology

Up to 8 internal or external cameras to help keep your drivers, fleet and cargo safe.  

Safely alert drivers in real-time

Keep your drivers safe with preventative in-cabin voice alerts that let them know about potential safety violations so they can correct them immediately.

A screenshot of a real time alert of a trailer cargo door being opened outside a delivery location and a map that gps pinpoint where the trailer door was opened the geofence
A screenshot showing three cameras live streaming video of a vehicle and driver unpacking the cargo from the vehicle

Coach your drivers effectively

Use recorded footage of your drivers to show and train them on how they can improve their driving behaviour and increase their safety on the road.

Always have the right footage at your fingertips

Our event-based footage instantly gives you the exact footage you need, when you need it. No more wasted hours spent sieving through hours of footage hoping to find what you’re looking for.

Cartrack advanced GPS technology allows real-time cargo tracking for you to know where your cargo is at all times. The paperless communication solution allows you to be up to date with all the cargo all the time
A screenshot showing three cameras live streaming video of a vehicle and driver unpacking the cargo from the vehicle

Exonerate drivers and expedite insurance claims

Have the correct footage to defend your drivers from any false claims and prove their innocence, increasing driver retention and reducing unnecessary legal costs.

How it works

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 Front Collision Warning

Our ADAS cameras track the distance to the vehicle in front of a driver’s vehicle, alerting if it is too close to help avoid a bumper crash. 

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Smoking Detection

Our DMS camera detects the moment a driver is smoking and triggers an event. Smoking can be distracting and reduce control over the vehicle.  

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Distracted or fatigued driving

The camera tracks the position or orientation of the driver’s head and eyes. If the driver is looking away from the road, it will alert the driver and generate an event. 

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Mobile phone use detection 

The AI camera detects whether a driver is talking on their mobile phone by ear instead of via a Bluetooth handset. This is to minimise distraction and give the driver more control over the vehicle.

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Our camera detects yawning, which if too frequent can indicate extreme fatigue for your driver and delay their reaction time. 

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Camera-covering detection

If the driver covers the camera to prevent visibility the fleet manager will be alerted.

Detect events with AI and computer vision

Detect high-risk driving behaviour in real-time using artificial intelligence, as well as g- force and GPS data.
Safe distance warning

Mobile App Live Streaming

You can live-stream footage for any active vehicle via Android, Apple or Huawei. 

Fatigue or distraction

Web AI events and live streaming

View categorised event-based footage for any safety events captured, request footage based on a time and date or live-stream footage for any active vehicle.

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