Accurately track your vehicles with live GPS

Get full visibility and live-track your car or fleet, helping you cut costs and, optimise efficiency.

Always know the live GPS location of your vehicles

Track your vehicle’s in real-time, use driver ID tags to know who is behind the wheel and customise your satellite views or smart-map overlays to suit your needs.

A screenshot of the Cartrack fleet solution software showing real-time vehicle history with timestamps and analytics data on Max speed, kilometers travelled and idle time

Live track and access your vehicles’ full trip history

Track exactly where your drivers have been and receive detailed information, giving you insight into your vehicles idling status, fuel levels, engine diagnostics, specialised sensor readings, and more.

Improve your productivity and efficiency with GPS vehicle tracking

Track your exact hours spent on site, how effectively your assets are used and the number of jobs completed. Use key performance metrics such as km travelled, driver safety scorecards and idle time to optimise your fleet.

A screenshot of Cartrack fleet management software that show live GPS location of a vehicle and how much fuel was poured on which tank and for how much

All the GPS vehicle tracking information you need, whenever you need it.

Live track your vehicles and gain access to actionable insights into your fleet’s status, helping you improve your decision-making process

Location icon in grey colour

Live-locate your nearest driver

Boost operational efficiency and reduce your costs per job with smart dispatching that sends your closest driver with the correct vehicle and skills to the right job.

Receive real-time alerts

Receive real-time alerts

Track and receive all-important vehicle updates in real-time and set geofencing and points of interest to get alerted whenever a vehicle enters or exits an area.

Easy-to-use mobile app

Easy-to-use mobile app

Stay in complete control with our powerful mobile app, you’ll know your team’s exact GPS location and have all your vehicle’s information at your fingertips.