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Cartrack's stolen vehicle recovery process - how it works

Cartrack is in complete control of its recovery process and dispatches highly experienced tactical teams in an instant in the event of theft or hijacking. Only Cartrack provides dedicated and exclusive recovery services. We own our recovery infrastructure and as a result are able to provide an undisputed leading recovery service. We have the highest externally audited recovery rate in the industry, underpinned by our R150,000 recovery warranty. Cartrack is the benchmark tracking company in South Africa.

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A leading global provider of vehicle telematics, Cartrack is firmly rooted in the belief of being service-centric. It allows us to offer best-in-class quality and financial satisfaction, no matter the size of your fleet or the price of your car. Our proprietary in-house technology provides the best intelligent, actionable data to fleet operators and security for all vehicle owners - across 23 countries over 5 continents.





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