Effortless & powerful fleet management

Gain total visibility of your vehicles, drivers and cargo

Smarter decisions, efficient operations and tangible results with a fully integrated system for fleets of every size.

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A complete fleet management platform for your transportation and logistics business

Tackle operational efficiencies, safety, security and compliance requirements headache-free, so you can focus on growing your business.

Track your vehicles, trailers and assets

Our IoT telematics devices provide accurate live GPS locations and a full-trip history of your vehicles, protecting your fleet and ensuring you always know exactly where your assets are.

A screenshot of the fleet vehicles as shown on the Cartrack fleet vehicle solution platform
A snapshot of analytics from the Cartrack fleet management platform showing 15% more kilometres were travelled due to the reduction of idle time

Boost your operational efficiency

Pinpoint fuel, route and productivity inefficiencies using our smart analytics dashboards, tackle your challenges with actionable insights and streamline your business workflow for simple and effective operations.

Eliminate toll and fuel-card fraud

Our technology automatically verifies fuel-card payments by matching fuel-sensor data, vehicle-location history and fuel-card receipts, alerting you of any potential fraud, saving you unnecessary admin and added costs.

An illustration of an Apple macbook pinpointing the GPS location of a vehicle and a petrol to avoid petrol card fraud
A screenshot of real-time alert customers receive to keep track of the delivery

Let your customers track their deliveries in real-time

Exceed your customers' expectations remotely and avoid those manual admin delays. You and your customers can receive automatic job status updates in real-time via SMS or email allowing you to both track cargo from dispatch to delivery and get the electronic signature and photo to prove it.

Effortless dispatching for more on-time deliveries

See your drivers’ availability, schedule their tasks and update them via our user-friendly app, in real-time. No more incorrect customer information or inefficient driver communication, ensuring faster deliveries and empowered drivers.

An illustration of an apple macbook showing the schedule of fleet drivers available for dispatching
A screenshot of Cartrack fleet tracking software showing a real-time location of a vehicle and driver using it

Always know exactly where your cargo is

Our easy-to-use stock control technology ensures cargo is accounted for from dispatch to delivery. You will also receive alerts the second a cargo door is opened outside your delivery zone and have video footage to see who it was.

Louw Riekert from logistics company Diraro stands in front of the company's Man Truck with his team in the background.

“Cartrack’s software takes the guesswork out of our daily operations which help us look after our drivers and vehicles, making sure everything works in sync so we can succeed in what we do.”

Louw Riekert
Group SHERQ Manager, Diraro Group

Hello predictive maintenance, goodbye unexpected downtime

Avoid unnecessary periods of downtime with our engine diagnostics and automated predictive maintenance alerts. This way, you will always know when your vehicles need servicing in advance, helping you reduce maintenance costs and increase your fleet’s lifespan.

A green and red percentage circle graphs indicating time left before a vehicle is due for service to avoid downtime
A cabin camera with live alerts on driver behaviour and customer safety

Keep your drivers and your fleet safe

Our AI-powered SmartCabin cameras let you see which drivers speed, get distracted, drive harshly or become fatigued. This helps you improve their road behaviour with safe-driver training to reduce accidents and cargo damage, as well as unnecessary maintenance and penalty costs.

Compliance made easy

Ensure only certified and well-rested drivers operate your vehicles with the use of driver ID tags, work logs, machine utilisation and breathalyser reports. Plus get alerts reminding you to renew any compliance contracts and have all the necessary data and documentation at your fingertips.

A screenshot of Cartrack fleet tracking software showing a real-time alert of a  driver that is being identified with Driver ID tag and prevented prevented from starting a vehicle