A happy family in their car that is protected with stolen vehicle recovery in the event of theft.

South Africa’s leader in Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Protect your vehicle with world-class technology that puts you in control.

South Africa’s highest audited stolen vehicle recovery rate

Our advanced proprietary tracking technology uses signal-jamming detection, GSM, GPS and beacons to ensure we always have eyes on your vehicle’s location so we can recover it safely.

A screenshot of Cartrack's platform with live vehicle tracking and location data that allows Cartrack to make successful vehicle recoveries.

Get our cash-back Recovery Warranty of up to R150,000

Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we will pay you up to R150 000, in the unlikely event that we’re unable to recover your stolen vehicle.

Trust our national and international air and on-the-ground recovery teams

Our network of highly-trained recovery response teams throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries work alongside local police, ensuring stolen vehicles are successfully recovered as quickly as possible.

A photo of Cartrack's helicopter used for stolen vehicle recovery in South Africa.
Highly trained control room staff providing support 24/7 all days of the week - to track your stolen car and provide recovery support.

24/7 emergency support

Our emergency control room teams are always ready to support you in the unfortunate event of vehicle theft or hijacking, and they will communicate directly with our private response teams and local police to ensure a rapid response.

Secure and reliable smart tracking device fitment techniques

Thanks to our advanced fitment techniques, you have increased assurance that your tracking device will not be found or disabled during a theft. This standard allows us to achieve our industry-leading recovery rate.

Highly trained in-house fitment technicians ensure you that the fitment of your car tracking device is completed with quality craftsmanship.