Get more out of Cartrack's Apps and save!

It’s no secret that as a nation we’re going to have to tighten our belts significantly while we deal with the economic fall-out of the COVID-induced Lockdown, and that we will all be looking to save money at every level.

Did you know that a Cartrack device in your car or fleet can help you do just that? Our services can save you money by showing you exactly where you’re overspending so that you can put measures into place to change this negative into a positive.

Cost saving for individuals

Let’s start with unpacking what Cartrack can do for the everyday consumer using our Silver, Gold or Platinum package. Once you have a device fitted in your car, you’ll receive an SMS with log in details for our App, easily downloaded from Google Play or the App Store . Once you’re logged in, you can do anything from tracking your vehicles in real time, to buying tyres, even checking your own driving behaviours.

By tracking your vehicle, you can see where you (or your family) have spent the most time idling or stuck in traffic and can change routes to allow for reduced idling and a reduction in fuel costs. Through the driver behaviour reports, you can see where your driving is adding wear and tear to your car. Changing your driving tactics can help you save on maintenance and service costs, ultimately putting more into your back pocket.

In addition to providing money-saving driving and vehicle stats, the App will also give you access to our CarWatch and Vehicle Immobilisation technology. CarWatch is digital eye on your car and is activated via the App – it lets you know if your car is started or moves without your knowledge. The immobilisation option allows you to safely reduce the speed of and ultimately bring your car to stop. Afterall, not having to replace your car is the biggest saving.

The Cartrack App also provides you with the capability to purchase new tyres at excellent prices and get up to 14 insurance quotes from SA’s leading insurers so that you can save even more.

In control of your fleet

In terms of fleet management, Cartrack’s software is designed to put you in complete control of all your vehicles, drivers and on-road costs. From our always-on tracking and telematics platform, to our powerful vehicle administration system and highly functional Communicator App, Cartrack has you covered.

One of the best tools that Cartrack can provide to fleet managers and owners is our app-based vehicle tracking and monitoring system, accessible via any smart device. It delivers data right into their hands so that they can make the snap decisions needed to ensure 24/7 optimal efficiency, while also providing long-term information for budgeting or reporting purposes.

In any fleet, driver skill and behaviour go hand in hand with wear and tear costs – the better your drivers are behind the wheel, the less you have to spend on repairs, and the more you save. Monitoring your drivers and how they behave on the road, can show where improvements can be made – you could even choose to implement a programme that rewards your drivers for their good and/or improved on road skills.

You can also use the Cartrack technology for accident reconstruction, driver identification, prevention of driving under the influence and unauthorised use – all which will save money in the long run.

Integration that drives efficiency

Communicator, powered by Cartrack , automates your task management and provides critical insight into what’s happening with your fleet at every point of client interaction. Although the initial set up takes place via your PC, the actual communication with your driver takes place over a smartphone. All their tasks are available in one place and you can easily update their tasks, obtain live updates and ensure all their, and your clients’ requirements are met.

If you want to start saving money, click here for an obligation-free quote and technology that gives you complete peace of mind.

It’s no secret that as a nation we’re going to have to tighten our belts significantly while we deal with the economic fall-out of the COVID-induced Lockdown, and that we will all be looking to save money at every level.

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