10 Ways Cartrack helps you save money

With a slowdown in economy as a result of Lockdown, many businesses may find themselves looking to reduce costs. Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in a superior tracking and telematics system to help you save money and improve your overall operations.

  1. Reduce wear and tear
    Improving your drivers’ skills behind the wheel means they will drive better and ensure that your vehicles last longer on the road, and will need maintenance less often.
  2. Track fuel usage
    Keep an eye on where your fuel is being spent, by whom and how long each tank in each vehicle lasts. This will help you prepare a better budget and reduce costs in the long run.
  3. Reduce idling time
    By analysing data provided by the Cartrack devices on your fleet vehicles, you can see where the most idling is taking place and why. This actionable intelligence allows you to change routes and reduce time spent idling fuel away.
  4. Keep a check on all your vehicles on the road
    We’ve put the power of fleet management into your hands with our mobile app. Track each and every one of your vehicles while on the road. And, if you suspect that any of your vehicles have been stolen or hijacked, call us and we will instantly dispatch a recovery team, giving you #PeaceOfMind.
  5. Check tax expenses
    Our easily-downloadable, SARS-ready logbook is accessed via our fleet pages and puts you one step ahead of the taxman.
  6. Driver identification
    Our superior fleet offering includes Driver Identification tags so that you can keep track of which drivers are behind the wheels of your fleet. This allows you to implement driver improvement programmes, incentivisation programmes and pick up on any actions that may be suspicious.
  7. Reduce battery theft
    Batteries theft is a common problem on trucks. However, with Cartrack Low Charge and Current detection technology, you’ll be alerted if there is a loss of power. This could indicate tampering and you can take the appropriate action to reduce the possible loss.
  8. Fleet administration
    Keep an eye on all your fleet costs with Mi-Fleet. It’s a powerful tool that integrates with your admin software and keeps you up to date on everything from licence fees to tyre costs.
  9. Geofencing
    Ensuring your vehicles stay in demarcated areas means that they not spending fuel travelling to areas they shouldn’t be. Cartrack’s geo-fence border allows you to set up these areas and alerts you when you vehicles do stray into disallowed areas.
  10. Overall saving on expenses
    At this time, all business should be looking at ways to save on their costs. Cartrack delivers statistical data in real time that allows owners and fleet managers to make instant decisions, as well as implement long term plans to improve the bottom line. The data can also be used to plan budgets and ensure a reduction in overall running costs.

Put a positive spin on your business and contact Cartrack today for information and assistance on getting the best out of your vehicles.

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

With a slowdown in economy as a result of Lockdown, many businesses may find themselves looking to reduce costs.

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