Driving incentivisation through data

If nothing else, the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent COVID-19 disease that has profoundly changed our world and communities, has ensured that people wash their hands more regularly than ever before. Because of the potential epidemic many businesses have ensured that hand sanitiser is freely available and have actively encouraged their people to sanitise their work areas regularly.

It has also brought into sharp focus the environments in which people work. Offices, call centres, actual brick and mortar structures are that much easier to keep clean, however the cab of a truck or LDV and the hands of a delivery operator or logistics courier means thinking out of the box about cleanliness.  

Long hauls often mean takeaway foods - kotas bought from the caravan parked off the main stopping area - and hygiene is not always the first thought in mind. Short inner-city deliveries also mean quick on-the-go foods that are sticky, greasy and messy.

So, the question is, how do you instil a regimen of cleanliness into the cabin of a vehicle that you as fleet owner or manager may only see once a day or even once a week?

The answer is incentivisation

For starters, you can provide all your drivers with sanitiser and instructions to wash their hands after every meal, visit to a bathroom and human interaction. You can also assist them by providing tips and hints on better eating habits, that allow them you maintain the alertness needed for their particular job.

Secondly, with our 24-hour monitoring of your vehicles, you can drive cleanliness as well as overall good behaviour and habits behind the wheel in a positive and constructive manner. Cartrack’s superior fleet management systems and products, have been developed and perfected over the last 16 years to provide a wide range of data that can assist you in doing this. And the benefits of incentivisation, from happier staff to financial improvements, are incalculable.

Happier workforce

By implementing strategies that reward good and/or improved driver behaviour, you show a marked interest in the wellbeing of your staff, something that goes a long way in ensuring their loyalty and a long-term effect on your bottom line - you won’t need to spend time, and ultimately money, training new drivers every couple of months.

The data provided by Cartrack’s device and internal and external cameras can show your drivers exactly what they are doing wrong, such as eating while driving and you can use this data to upskill them, rather than punish them. This positive reinforcement in turn speaks to the vested interest you have in your people, in that you do not see them merely as drivers, but as integral to the optimal running of your enterprise.

The spin-off of this is that even when they are behind the wheel of their own vehicles, they are safer drivers, who take more care when on the road and avoid causing or being involved in accidents.

Happier vehicles

Trucks, LDVs, cars and even motorbikes that are driven according to the manufacturer’s specifications will deliver better performance over a longer period of time, saving you money. Wear and tear is reduced, tyres, brakes, belts and more will last longer and your bank account will thank you.

And to ensure that your drivers adhere to that regimen of cleanliness, we’ve put the data you need is available right in the palm of your hands on our techno-savvy mobile app. Designed to deliver real-time value at the touch of a button, the app is available for both Android and iOS and is cross platform, so the same data is available on your PC or tablet; you could be in Reykjavik and still check that your vehicles are at the right address in Pofadder, have not been driven too harshly and are being looked after by your driver.

Now the question is how do get the power of positive incentive into your vehicle-based business? Just click here to arrange for your free demo

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

We’ve put the data you need is available right in the palm of your hands on our techno-savvy mobile app. Designed to deliver real-time value at the touch of a button. Suited for both android and IOS.

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