How can telematics impact the environment?

One of the positive impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent Lockdown is that of the revitalisation of our planet, from the clearing of the Venetian canals, to the reported shrinking of the hole in the ozone layer.

This is all great news for now, but what happens when people return to work, and pollution starts to rise again? How do companies ensure that this good intervention is continued as we return to normal operations? And, in addition to implementing environmentally positive policies, companies will also be looking to become leaner and meaner following the financial impact of COVID_19 and Lockdown.

Actionable intelligence allows for maximum efficiency

This is where the actionable intelligence, delivered by a superior telematics system, comes into its own for any company that runs a fleet of vehicles. Whether, you’ve got 100 LDVs out on the road ferrying items between Cape Town and Pretoria, or you’ve got a stock of construction vehicles that you hire out and bill by the hour, Cartrack’s telematics systems and devices can assist in ensuring that your vehicles operate at maximum efficiency.

One of the most crucial factors in determining efficiency, is having a complete picture of all the expenses incurred by all your vehicles at any given time. MiFleet, Cartrack’s innovative administration software, is designed to give you a high-level view of your fleet costs, as well as drill down to the intricate details. This helps you compare apples with apples, or even apples with bananas, giving you a closer look at vehicle costs to determine which vehicle and driver is the most efficient, and giving you the information needed to replicate their efficiencies throughout the fleet.

Charging hourly rates for vehicle hire?

In terms of construction or agricultural vehicles, telematics and the Mi-Fleet software combine to calculate the exact cost of each vehicle. Using factors such as hours used, maintenance costs, fuel used, driver costs etc. you are able to provide a 100% accurate rate for billable hours, making you a provider of choice.

Changing driver behaviour is a great way to have a safer, more efficient transport team and create a positive impact on the environment. Teaching your workforce to drive within a vehicle’s tolerances, and helping them understand why it is important to do so, can go a long way in reducing CO2 emissions. Telematics data delivered by a Cartrack device can tell you how fast the vehicle was travelling at any given interval, how long it idled for, if there was any harsh breaking or cornering and more. In turn, fleet owners can use this information to upskill their drivers, as well as put both punitive and incentive schemes in place in order to ensure a better driving force.

This translates into savings on fuel, tyres, brakes, improved maintenance cycles, a longer life for the vehicle overall and a significant increase in safety as the potential for vehicle failure is reduced.

Telematics data can also help you determine routes that have less negative impact on the environment. By analysing data, you can see which routes use more fuel, especially those that involve drastic changes in elevation or lots of 90-degree corners, you could find out where large volumes of traffic affect your vehicles, and at what time this takes place.

Using this intelligence, you can implement changes that add to your profitability, reduce your impact on the environment and again add to the length of service you are able to get out of your vehicle.

The power in your hands

The real power behind our actionable intelligence is that it’s readily available and easily understood. The Cartrack app puts this intelligence in your hands, allowing you to pull reports on any vehicle that is linked to your contract. These include the harsh driving alerts, fuel reports and even electronic log books that can differentiate between personal and business trips. Depending on your contract type, you can even receive alerts if your vehicles have entered no-go-zones, receive possible crash alerts and up to-the-minute location of your vehicles.

Drive the change for positive impact on the environment and contact Cartrack today to see how we can help you go green.

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One of the positive impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent Lockdown is that of the revitalization of our planet

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