Cartrack’s communicator brings further piece of mind to fleet vehicle owners

What if you could communicate with your fleet at the touch of a button? You can with Cartrack’s Communicator!

This task-management platform functions as an Android and iOS app, allowing you to send accurate, real-time information to your drivers and mobile workforce. In turn, they can send on-the-go progress updates, allowing you to streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs, through effective real-time management of your mobile workforce.

How it works:

  • Communicator combines communication, navigation, tracking and task management technologies into one solution
  • It comprises two parts: the fleet-side component, which is used by a fleet manager to create and assign tasks, and a mobile application used by drivers or other mobile operators to interface with the fleet communicator
  • The mobile app’s user interface offers simple, clear task tracking, including colour-coded status indicators and seamless integration with mobile-device cameras and Google Maps
  • Communicator allows task lists to be defined and created, vehicle defects to be logged, and proof of delivery or payment to be instantly verified and registered. This latter function is particularly useful to fleet operators engaged in long-haul deliveries, and allows for instant invoicing once delivery has taken place
  • Once created, tasks can be assigned, accepted, rejected (with reasons), and reassigned
  • Tasks can be marked as completed, along with information on a service cost option


  • Communicator increases workforce productivity, identifies and alleviates delay and allows for quick and easy changes to workflow
  • It is also easier to model task breakdowns and process handoffs and improve legal compliance
  • It eliminates human error, increases operational agility and productivity, reduces expenses, and increases employee and customer satisfaction

Communicator is under active development to further increase functionality and improve the user experience. Forthcoming updates will allow for direct messaging, stock-take functionality and task imports.

The update and expansion to Communicator is testament to Cartrack’s recent success, as we recently reached over 975 000 subscribers globally.

Find out today how Communicator can benefit your business, whether you have a fleet or simply have a mobile workforce.

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What if you could communicate with your fleet at the touch of a button? You can with Cartrack’s Communicator!

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