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Crash Detection, CarWatch and Protector keep your bae safe

19 February 2021

Love may be in the air this month, but it’s no reason to let your guard down when it comes to the safety of your loved ones while they’re on the road. Keep your bae safe with these 5 top tips from Cartrack, the world-class leader in vehicle safety and mobility solutions.

1. Use technology
Cartrack’s advanced services do more than just track a vehicle. Once installed, they provide added peace of mind through features such as Crash Detection, CarWatch and Protector.

  • Crash Detection – if your loved one’s car is in a crash, our Control Room will automatically be alerted and instantly contact the right people to find out what type of help is needed.
  • CarWatch – this is a digital eye on the car that, once activated, will send an alert if the car moves or is started without permission.
  • Protector – this is Cartrack’s emergency service for when there’s a breakdown, medical situation or if legal advice is needed for a motor-related query. Accessed via our app, this service is available 24/7.

2. Keep the car well-maintained
Ensuring a car is serviced on time, wheels are at the right pressure, there’s enough fuel for the journey, window wipers work and so on means there is less likelihood of the vehicle breaking down. This means the driver, and whoever is with them is safer on the road.

3. Drive safely
Driving within the speed limit, stopping at stop streets and red traffic lights, slowing down in bad weather all make the journey that much better. Also, before leaving, ask your loved one to plan their journey, especially if they are going to several places, as this will mean less fuel usage and a quicker journey, and more time just for the two of you.

4. Stay alert
Many accidents and robberies occur because drivers are unaware of their surroundings. Encourage your spouse, partner or family member to stay alert when behind the wheel and to pay attention to what and who is around them. Windows should be open just a touch to prevent smash and grab, while doors should be locked.

5. Out of sight, out of mind
For opportunistic smash-and-grabbers, cellphones are the ultimate fast moving consumer goods. Keep these and other personal items out of sight such as in the boot or the cubby hole, and make use of the vehicle’s Bluetooth system, or purchase a Bluetooth earphone to ensure communication channels are kept open.

Of course, it goes without saying that although a person can take all the precautions in the world, there is still a chance that something could go wrong. That’s why it’s equally important to have emergency numbers on hand and reliable assistance services available such as those provided by Cartrack.

Our vehicle location and recovery stats are the best in the country, as is our feature-rich app which you can use to look for your vehicle, receive alerts about no-go-zones if set up and even purchase tyres or insurance. In addition, you can use the data provided by the app to check driving habits and routes as well as download a complete vehicle logbook that you can submit straight to SARS. It’s all the ways we put you in control.

Stay ahead of crime and stay safe with Cartrack, today and tomorrow.

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