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Cartrack’s stolen vehicle recovery process – how it works

We are in complete control of our recovery process and employ highly skilled PSIRA-registered security personnel who respond with advanced equipment such as tactical motor vehicles, firearms, communication tools and safety equipment.

We do not share any of our resources as we believe that superior service can only be provided through private and dedicated response personnel.  Supporting our recovery teams is an internal 24/7 emergency call centre where well-trained agents provide a professional response and ongoing support in emergency situations. We also have a highly efficient helicopter service, which is a service that we believe is critical for the speedy and efficient recovery of stolen or hijacked vehicles.  

By having complete control of our recovery infrastructure and process, we have proven our credibility and achieved the industry’s highest independently audited recovery rate of 92%.  Further, we truly “put our money where our mouth is” by offering a recovery warranty of up to R150,000 in the unlikely event that we can’t recover a stolen vehicle subject to (terms and conditions).

We will never compromise on our recovery philosophy. Our customers are fully assured of the best possible response in the event of an emergency.

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