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Over the years, we’ve been spoiled for choice with a variety of different vehicle tracking companies and their range of product offerings. If you’re in the market for a good GPS vehicle tracking device, here’s all you need to know to help you make an informed decision.

With countless vehicle tracking companies out there, it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to find the one that suits your needs. Whether you want a tracking device that comes with all the bells and whistles or one that just simply locates your vehicle - by the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need.

Going from website to website, comparing vehicle tracking units and quotes can be time-consuming. We know you have more important things to get done, so we’ve saved you the hours of research and given you a detailed breakdown of the must-knows:

What is a tracking company?

Tracking companies specialise in locating, tracking and retrieving moveable assets. Their main purpose is to provide customers with a suitable tracking device that allows them to locate their possessions from wherever they are.

These companies can cater to all different types of people, from a service-providing business that needs tracking devices for their entire fleet to ordinary individuals who just want to keep their property safe and sound.

Find the hidden benefits in comparing tracking quotes, like – stolen vehicle recovery.

When looking to compare vehicle tracking quotes, look at as many options as you can. Don’t only compare the device or product itself, but the company and benefits that come with the package. Remember, there is more to a quote than just the price of the tracking unit.

The most sought-after feature in the vehicle tracking and retrieving business, which no motorists in South Africa should be without, is stolen vehicle recovery.

This is the service offered by tracking companies where they immediately send out trained recovery agencies in the event of vehicle theft. Depending on the company, and level of urgency, they might have air or ground recovery teams they deploy to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.

A good tracking company should be able to provide mobility solutions for every vehicle-related challenge their customers have. It’s one thing being able to locate your stolen vehicle, but another to recover it. Having a company that can do both is the service offering every customer wants.

An industry worth billions

Tracking devices have surely changed with the times - from being bulky and heavy to sleek and portable, from expensive to somewhat affordable and from exclusively catering to businesses to being available to the general public.

According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the African vehicle tracking system market was valued at $8.99 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $26.53 million by 2027. While its global value is estimated to be over $20.5 billion, it's steadily increasing with each coming year.

This multi-billion dollar industry has grown to produce different types of tracking devices that have been installed in almost every vehicle you come across. If you're currently looking to purchase a vehicle, there's a good chance that you won't be able to bring your new ride home without having it fitted with a tracking unit.

World-leading car tracking companies

It all depends on what kind of tracking device you are looking for, how many safety features you need, and what the device would be used for.

When it comes to vehicle tracking, South Africa has no shortage of options. To help you narrow down your choices, look for a company that can cater to both your individual and business needs. One that can provide tailor-made solutions and insights for business owners with massive fleets or top-notch safety and security for everyday motorists. There's one company that does it all:


Specialising in stolen vehicle recovery and fleet management solutions, Cartrack is situated in 23 countries across the world and is loved by over 1.5 million subscribers, who trust its 92% recovery rate. Interested? Well, let us tell you everything about this industry-leading tracking company.

 Cartrack targets a wide variety of customers and caters to their every need, from the simple tracking and retrieving services to customers who require more complex packages that give them full knowledge of everything happening within their business, on the ground or back office.

 Cartrack offers four different fleet packages for service-providing businesses that need to keep their cargo safe during transportation.

Fleet Management Lite: This is a basic fleet package that offers fleet management data, alerts, reports, logbooks and so much more, with the exclusion of vehicle recovery services. This is Cartrack’s most affordable fleet package.

Fleet Management Plus: This package includes comprehensive vehicle and driver behaviour data, along with reporting, route history and readily available fleet management data.

Fleet Management Mobile: This compact unit is easily movable. It can be plugged into the cigarette lighter of any vehicle and offers all the same standard features as the fleet management lite package, without vehicle monitoring.

Global Fleet Management Solution: A package fit for our cross-border clients that want to receive the same benefits of the fleet monitoring system without paying extra for roaming costs on the GPS devices.

You can get a free quote from Cartrack if you are interested in any of the products mentioned above. If you need a little more wiggle room or require more features, Cartrack has several popular features and add-ons that can be included in any of their available packages, such as:

  1. CarWatch
  2. Crash Detection
  3. Protector
  4. Logbook
  5. Geofencing

Contact our page to get quotes on these fleet packages that can be easily customised according to your business’s needs or opt for our consumer packages. We offer a varied selection, specially created for everyday motorists with safety in mind.

Quick: This package includes stolen vehicle recovery, control room positioning and mobile app use from an affordable price of R99.00 p/m.

Quick Plus: From R149.00 per month, you get a trusted tracker, control room personnel, a mobile app, power event notification, a logbook, and an R150 000 recovery warranty.

Quick Executive Plus: This package includes all of the above features, plus CarWatch from R199.00 p/m.

Quick Management Plus: Get all of the above-mentioned features plus crash detection from R219.00 p/m.

Cartrack’s insurance telematics

Being a fully ‘in-house‘ company, Cartrack has different departments fully dedicated to making motorists' lives easier, from car protection to insurance.

One of the many benefits Cartrack offers is their ability to help motorists with their already active insurance packages. By reviewing your current insurance package, they collect and compare several different premiums with better rates and offer you up to 14 free quotes.

Additionally, with the help of Cartrack’s insurance telematics technology, they can help their customers by using their technology to monitor a driver’s behaviour and driving habits in real-time and collate statistics to continuously assess the risk profile of the driver.

This collected data can come in handy in emergency situations such as an accident. Cartrack can (with your permission) share the historical driving data with your insurance company, which can help in telling your side of the story without third parties attempting to spin their own versions of what really happened.

How do tracking devices work?

Most tracking devices use global positioning systems (GPS) to function. This is a network of 24 satellites that orbit around the Earth. The tracking devices help determine an object’s position by sending signals to those satellites. The signals are then processed by GPS receivers that track the exact location of the GPS device as well as calculate its time and the velocity at which it is travelling.

Types of GPS trackers 

There are two ways GPS systems can provide you with information about the tracked object:

Active tracking or two-way GPS: These are real-time tracking systems that automatically send information via cellular or satellite networks to a centralised database, where it’s analysed before being sent through to a modem that is connected to the device.

With active real-time tracking, the dispatch team sent out by the control room will be able to find your vehicle in no time, giving you higher chances of a safe vehicle recovery if it's stolen or hijacked.

Active tracking is usually favoured by businesses that use their vehicles for deliveries or rental purposes. With live feedback on the tracked vehicle, managers will see exactly where their vehicles are travelling. A customer who buys something online will be able to track the entire delivery process and know the exact time the package will arrive.

Passive tracking: This stores information within the GPS itself. It logs data on where the devices have been for a set number of hours each day and then stores the data either internally or on a memory card. The data can then be downloaded to a computer, or phone, to be analysed later. In some systems, the information is downloaded automatically for your convenience.

Passive tracking devices are frequently used by police or other law enforcement on parolees or someone who is on house arrest. The data collected can be downloaded and reviewed to see where they’ve been in a specific period.

What do vehicle trackers do?

These technologies are made to benefit both the driver and the vehicle, as they constantly track the vehicle’s location and share it with you. In the event of a theft report or GPS tracking device activation, the nearest vehicle tracking unit will be assigned to locate your vehicle as soon as possible and return it to you.

The best way to install a tracking device is to have it fitted by an expert. In these situations, a technology and software company such as Cartrack can send trained technicians to you, secure your vehicle in a safe location and strategically fit the device in a non-disclosed area.

Why do you need a tracking company?

For complete peace of mind and control. A tracking company gives you access to software that allows you to keep track of your precious assets. At any given time, you can see exactly where your assets, vehicles, or people are, and if any of these assets were to suddenly go missing, you would have all the information right at your fingertips to track them down.

Three good reasons why you need a tracking device:

  1. Protect your assets

They protect your vehicle by monitoring your vehicle's location, condition and maintenance needs. When it comes to theft, tracking devices can immediately send out an alert to their owner.

After getting an alert, the owner can contact the control room, where they'll dispatch an emergency team as soon as they have a lock on your vehicle's location.

  1. Asset tracking

Tracking companies don't only monitor and protect fleet vehicles, their tracking devices can also monitor expensive equipment on sight. Track mobile equipment, such as generators, trailers and tents, ensuring they are on construction sites and authorised locations. You can also use additional tracking features such as geofences to ensure the equipment doesn't leave the location if left unattended. 

  1. Reduce running costs

With the help of tracking devices, you will spend less money on the overall running costs of fleet vehicles. Since tracking companies track the different routes you take and gather data on your vehicle's fuel usage, they can calculate the rate at which your fuel decreases while travelling and offer the safest and fastest routes to take to save on fuel usage.

With features such as AI-powered cameras in fleet vehicles, tracking companies can effectively monitor driving behaviour in real-time. Reducing idling time, preventing unauthorised side trips and reducing reckless driving.

This feature can improve driving behaviour while on the road and keep fleet vehicles operational for longer.

If safe driving is implemented:

  • Excessive amounts of money won’t be spent on unnecessary repairs 
  • Less wear and tear on vehicles
  • Reduced maintenance costs for brakes, oil changes, engine repairs and tires

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Over the years, we’ve been spoiled for choice with a variety of different vehicle tracking companies and their range of product offerings.

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