SVR — three simple letters, a lot of peace of mind

As a car owner, theft is unfortunately a risk you face daily. But, if you are ever a victim of vehicle theft, all is not lost.

A vehicle tracking device is one of the best ways to ensure that if your car does get stolen,  you have a better chance of you getting it back. 

Car theft incidents increased from 83 000 in the previous year, to 88 000 in 2019/20, according to Stats SA. The number of households that experienced car theft also increased dramatically, from 68 000 in 2018/19 to 82 000 in 2019/20. 

Interestingly, the percentage of households that reported the incidents to the police decreased from 86,3% in2018/19 to 78,7% in 2019/20. This could be due to an increase in drivers turning to private security vehicle tracking providers for complete peace of mind. 


What is Stolen Vehicle Recovery really all about?

Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) involves the retrieval of stolen or hijacked vehicles, through the use of both sophisticated tracking technology and on-the-ground recovery teams. A vehicle tracking device fitted with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology is placed in a secret location inside your vehicle. So secret, even you won’t know where it’s been hidden. 


How does Stolen Vehicle Recovery work?

Installing a vehicle tracking device means that your provider can precisely track the location of your car on a map at any time. Should your vehicle be stolen or hijacked, a recovery team can accurately locate the vehicle and attempt to get it back for you. 

Just use your phone to report the incident by either calling the 24/7 emergency control room or via your smartphone app , depending on your service provider.


Why do you need Stolen Vehicle Recovery?

A car is hijacked every 32 minutes in South Africa and around 128 cars and motorcycles are stolen in South Africa daily, according to SAPS annual crime stats for 2019/20.

 It happens when you least expect it. One day you’re walking out of the mall, carrying your groceries, eager to get home and then suddenly you realise your car is not where you parked it. You think you’re going mad but then after a few double takes, it hits you — your vehicle has been stolen. It’s not all doom and gloom. If you’ve installed a tracking device in your car, chances of finding it are pretty good. 

 Having a private team of highly trained professionals helping you recover your vehicle in the event of theft makes this scenario a little less daunting. 


Peace of mind at a great price

If you’re already convinced that you need the benefits of SVR, but have a limited budget, there are affordable options available that will give you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your vehicle. 

Cartrack offers packages from as low as R99 a month for those looking for an entry-level stolen vehicle recovery service. We use our proprietary technology and extensive security network to ensure we can retrieve your stolen car.

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

What would you do if your car disappeared today? If you're not in the hands of a company with the highest audited vehicle recovery rate in SA, then this question is for you.

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