Your security is our gift to you

While you’re putting up the tree and decorating the house, don’t forget to get the best vehicle protection and value-for-money mobility solutions for your car, so that you can spend more time relaxing this Festive Season.

Cartrack’s Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform can be tailored to suit the needs of everyday road users. We give you all the tools and features you need to keep you and your family safe, provide you with 24-hour visibility of your vehicles, and the technology to help you save costs on everything from services to fuel costs.

Five ways Cartrack takes care of you

  1. Vehicle tracking – as a world-class vehicle mobility solutions provider, Cartrack gives you 24-hour visibility of your vehicles from the palm of your hand, via our app.
  2. Crash detection – the sophisticated software in our devices can detect sudden changes in gravity, such as collisions with objects. On impact, the device will send a message to our control room alerting us to the incident, and we’ll dispatch emergency medical response to your position.
  3. CarWatch - the virtual car guard in your pocket which, once activated, will let you know if your car is started or moved without your knowledge.  And you won’t even have to give it a tip!
  4. Protector – emergency medical, roadside and legal assistance, 24 hours a day at the touch of a button. Add this service to your Cartrack contract and ensure that you and your family are safe.
  5. Geofencing – the perfect way to ensure that your family stays safe and out of high-risk areas. You can set up defined areas of travel or no-go-zones on the web platform of the Cartrack system and be instantly alerted when your vehicles stray into dangerous areas.

And here’s how you can take care of yourself

It’s no secret that crime ramps up during the festive season, and so should your vigilance. Staying safe starts with you. Here are five ways you can ensure your own safety and that of your car.

  1. Lock the doors – keeping your doors locked is one way to prevent opportunistic crime. Remember to also check that you have locked your car, especially in open parking areas, even those with access control. Remote jamming is a reality and only vigilance can prevent it.
  2. Drive with your window open a little bit – closed windows shatter more easily than slightly open ones, so it’s a good idea to leave them open just a crack.
  3. Keep valuables out of sight – most new vehicles come equipped with Bluetooth enabled radios, simply pair your phone to the radio and use it to receive calls if necessary. It is of course preferred that you don’t use your phone at all while driving. If you need to use it for navigation purposes, try to put it in a place not easily visible to prying eyes.
  4. Keep your eyes open and head on a swivel – watch out for loiterers, especially those who walk up on either side of your car, make sure they see you’re watching them as this could prevent them from surprising you. Also take a mental note of what they look like, just in case something does happen.
  5. Safe distancing – keep a safe distance between you and the car in front, in the event something happens. When driving, make sure the space is enough for you to stop or swerve out if needed. When stopping at an intersection, make sure you can see where the tyres of the car in front meet the road, this will give you the space you need to quickly exit a risky situation.

If you’re already a Cartrack customer, download our app today and start tracking your vehicle in real time. If you’d like to know more about our other features such as CarWatch or Protector, or if you would like to find out more about our security platform, leave your details here and one of our agents will call you.

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

While you’re putting up the tree and decorating the house, don’t forget to get the best vehicle protection and value-for-money mobility solutions for your car.

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