How digitalisation is streamlining the vehicle rental industry

A smart mix of telematics and tracking helps deliver intelligent data to vehicle rental companies, making it easier for them to keep their vehicles and drivers safe. This data can also assist with back-office tasks such as billing and claims processes.

These companies are often in need of a solution that is easy to integrate, works across any vehicle brand and is multi-platform orientated, allowing for access to data anywhere, any time.

Here’s 5 ways digitalisation is helping the vehicle rental industry solve a few of their biggest headaches.

1. Driver behaviour reports

This is a great tool for the long-term lease side of the industry where harsh driving can have negative effects on both vehicle performance, and long-term costs with regards to wear and tear. Long-term lease clients with several drivers on their books, can maintain a watchful eye over their vehicles and even access 24-hour mobile apps, Cartrack being one of them, to check up on driver infringements.

For the short term-lease arm of the industry, driver behaviour tracking means that rental companies can keep a record of serial offenders and if necessary, ban them from using their services. They can also be alerted instantly via the app if the driver has engaged in any risky antics that could damage the vehicle – from here, management can make the right decision based on the driver, behaviour and vehicle.

2. Geofencing

It’s no secret that rental cars are often abused, overloaded and driven in areas that even the bravest of drivers wouldn’t venture into with their own cars.

With the geofencing option available, rental agencies can set up no-go areas for their vehicles and receive alerts when these borders are crossed. A great tool, especially when the tourist trade returns. This allows rental companies to ensure their clients are ultra-safe on SA’s roads.

For long term-leases, where vehicles can be used for cargo transit or longer distance haulage, geo-fencing can provide an early warning system that something is wrong, for example in the event of a hijacking. With the added peace of mind that comes with Cartrack’s 90% plus recovery rate, rental company staff and management can rest with ease, knowing that the best in the business is on their side.

3. Trip verification and historical data

Accurate trip recording and verification translates into better accounting. Staff areable to pick up on exactly where the vehicles have been, and for how long theywere there. They can even track down the vehicle’s current position and collect it if the client has not returned the rental to the office.

4. Additional security measures

Cartrack’s CarWatch and Start Prevent features work independently or together to keep vehicles where they are parked.

· Activated via Cartrack’s app, CarWatch uses technology that senses movement and detects when a vehicle’s ignition has been turned on. If there’s any tampering of this nature, the system alerts both the rental company and Cartrack’s Control Room so that intervention can take place.

·  Start Prevent is just as the name implies. Also activated via the app, Start Prevent ensures the ignition doesn’t kick in, and as an added benefit alerts the right people that tempering is taking place. It’s a great way to ensure that non-paying clients start accounting for their actions.

5. Reminder alerts and other benefits

Fleet management systems often contain early warning alerts. These can be anything from maintenance reminders to flat battery signals. This technology puts control of the vehicle into the hands of the rental company staff and allows them to make snap decisions for the benefit of all.

· Traffic fines verification -helps managers stay on the right side of the law by providing evidence of offences and tracking of payments

·  Accident notification –assists in getting emergency services dispatched to the scene of an accident, involving a rental car, as quickly as possible

·  Ease of stock taking – Live location means managers can check exactly how many vehicles are at their various branches so that they can implement contingency planning

·  Efficiencies by vehicle, make and model and region - provides relevant data giving managers opportunities to improve service, reduce costs and grow their business.

Take advantage of an always-on, digital SaaS platform that delivers the data you need, straight to your fingertips. Speak to our consultants or click here for a demo and we will put you in control.

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Vehicle rental companies need a one-stop fleet management solution to help solve their headaches.

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