Fleet? Car? Bike? All your vehicle info on one awesome app


When it comes to your car, fleet or bike, you want to be in control. Well, that’s the name of our game. From keeping eyes on your car 24/7, to remotely guarding your fleet’s trips and safety, Cartrack’s world-leading mobility solutions are designed to put you in control.

 Our app does it all at the touch of a button, offering individual and fleet customers access to an always-on dashboard so you have all your vehicle’s valuable information right at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime. We’re not just talking about the odd spreadsheet of data, these are real-time, actionable insights that will help you increase road safety, decrease fuel costs and improve your vehicle longevity, all from one smart little app.

5 reasons you want to add this app to your phone:

1. A virtual car guard

The days of trusting a complete stranger to keep your car safe are gone. CarWatch* is your personal car guard that keeps a virtual eye on your car when you can’t.

And it’s easy. All you have to do is activate it from your app and the moment your parked vehicle is moved or ignition is started without your permission, CarWatch will be triggered and our 24/7 control room will alert you.

2. Vehicle tracking & monitoring

One of the best tools that Cartrack can provide to fleet managers and car owners is our app-based vehicle Tracking and Monitoring system, and it is accessible via any smart device. 

 It delivers data right into your hands through GPS tracking, meaning you can make the instant decisions needed to ensure 24/7 optimal efficiency. A feature that enables you to know where your nearest vehicle is for any job, increasing dispatch efficiency and eliminating the need for drivers to answer their phone while they driving just to give you status and location updates. You’ll also know where your team is to give customers immediate updates – a good way to build longstanding business relationships.

3. Share your live location

The Share Location feature allows drivers or individuals to share their exact location from anywhere in South Africa. This comes in handy when you’re on your way to pick up your carpool buddy, returning from a long getaway or a simple night out with the mates, either way, the people important to you will know you’re safe.

 App users can also share their exact location via various social platforms, which is a great way to keep loved ones, vehicle owners or fleet managers informed.

4. Access to roadside assistance

Flat tyre in the middle of nowhere? Run out of fuel on the side of the road? Medical emergency in the middle of the night? The Protector** feature gives you, your loved ones and drivers access to 24-hour medical and roadside emergency assistance. Thanks to Cartrack, you can feel safer wherever and whenever you travel. 

 Activate Protector and also enjoy legal assistance, accommodation recommendations and car hire services, all at the simple push of a button. 

5. Safety on the go

Protect your vehicle, cargo and loved ones by subscribing to the Alerts feature, so you know the speed at which each driver is going and their driving behaviour.

 Activate Alerts on the app and enjoy the freedom to customise which alerts notifications you want to receive on the app. These push notifications allow you to see when your vehicle is in a high-risk area, speeding or braking harshly and a whole lot more. 

These are some added benefits you can enjoy when using Cartrack’s user-friendly app: 

  • Tax compliant FREE logbook
  • Compare up to 14 insurance quotes
  • Buy or sell any vehicle through the Carzuka platform via the app.

The Cartrack app is available on both Android and iOS, including the Huawei App Gallery for Huawei mobile phones. Download it today.

 *This feature depends on the service package selected.

** This service is an optional extra

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

Get in the driver’s seat from the palm of your hand - meet our Cartrack app!

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