A world of data in the palm of your hand

The smartphone is arguably the most valuable invention to come out of the early 2000s; it’s where we find our entertainment, socialise with faraway friends and family, and conduct banking and business. It’ll come as no surprise that tech-savvy companies like Cartrack have taken their business to this platform, making access to vehicle telematics so much easier.

Cartrack’s mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, puts the power of data right into the hands of all their clients. From the always-in-charge fleet manager who needs to know where his fleet is at any given moment, to the soccer mom who wants the reassurance that she’s got world-class safety and security features right in the palm of her hand, Cartrack’s app is the answer.

Keeping our customers, and their cars, safe

A cornerstone of our business is the ability to track your vehicle wherever it may be, and now it’s possible for our clients to do the same thing via our app. Both our individual and fleet clients have access to this feature and check up on any vehicle on their contract. It’s about giving our clients complete control of their vehicles.

In addition to tracking and locating cars, we have also added the CarWatch facility to our app. This provides you with the ultimate peace of mind - you can park your car just about anywhere, and know that it’s protected by a digital car-guard, even on the side of the soccer field.

CarWatch is activated via your phone, and once on, will send an alert to you if your car moves. When you receive the alert, you can decide what action to take. Remember, if your vehicle has been stolen, you need to contact us immediately on 0861 111 564, so that we can dispatch a recovery team. The sooner our team is alerted, the sooner you can get your car back.

A feature designed to put you solidly in control is Protector. This app-based service allows you to request emergency medical and roadside assistance, from anywhere in South Africa, as well as telephonic legal and bail assistance and pricing for emergency hotel accommodation and car hire.

More than tracking

Embracing digital convenience, Cartrack has also moved more essential services online. Now Cartrack customers are able to source insurance quotes from leading providers, as well as great deals on tyres from selected companies. These services have been added to our app, where a simple tap of the icon will result in you receiving a call within minutes.

For those with more data-driven requirements, the app is the place to go for detailed reports. From speeding to fuel usage, changes in temperature and the all-important logbook for the taxman; all of this is available with a few taps on the screen. The app also makes it is easy for fleet owners and managers to see where who is driving which vehicle, how much fuel is being used, or where dangerous driving is taking place and to put a stop to those expensive actions.

Fleet operators can take control of the routes their drivers use and analyse data with a view to saving on-road time, and delivering their goods in a more timeous fashion.

An app just for fleet owners

To give fleet businesses a little extra bang for their buck, Cartrack has developed a separate app, specifically for them.

Communicator is powerful task management software designed to get the best performance out of drivers and vehicles, ensuring that their productivity remains at its peak. As a fleet manager, you can assign new tasks and add information to tasks via Communicator, which your workforce will receive in real-time. On their side, your drivers can keep you updated on their progress on the road, alert you to any changes that have occurred.

Put yourself in control with Cartrack’s Mobile app and Communicator and start enjoying a new level of #PeaceOfMind.

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

The smartphone is arguably the most valuable invention to come out of the early 2000s; it’s where we find our entertainment, socialise with faraway friends and family, and conduct banking and business.

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