5 ways good driver behaviour can boost your business

Over 90% of road accidents are caused by poor driver behaviour. Bad habits such as speeding, alcohol consumption, harsh cornering and braking are just a few of the reasons for incidents ranging from fender benders to multi-car pile ups. 

GPS data from a vehicle tracking system can give fleet managers peace of mind on the whereabouts of their vehicles, while the comprehensive fleet data can also be used as part of daily fleet management.

Driver behaviour tracking can help cut down fuel consumption and other inefficiencies, increasing a fleet’s lifespan, productivity levels, and cost savings. Here’s how.

1. Reduce the price of bad driver behaviour

Whether it’s recklessness, negligence or apathy, your drivers’ behaviour on the road could end up costing your business more than just a few speeding fines. Fuel spend and maintenance costs are the main consequences of bad driver behaviour. The ability to track and correct driver behaviour not only helps reduce fuel costs, but can also assist in trimming your maintenance expenses and insurance premiums. 


Poor driving habits don’t only result in accidents (a short-term expense), but also negatively impact the lifespan of your vehicles (long term expenses). Aggressive driving wastes fuel and creates unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles. However, drivers who adopt good driving behaviour on the road are less likely to wear vehicles out.


Many of the bad driving behaviours described above will also result in unnecessary fuel consumption. To maximise the use of fuel, it is important that drivers maintain a reasonable and legal speed. This means:

  • Not rushing towards orange traffic lights
  • Not idling at pick ups, drop-offs or to keep the aircon on
  • Not braking or turning harshly or abruptly

Correcting driver behaviour can be a critical tool in managing a company’s fuel bill.

2. Maximise the benefits of good driver behaviour tracking 

Good driving habits could save a company from less obvious negative consequences of bad driver behaviour like driver injuries, liability costs and losing contracts because of poor reputation. These indirect costs are much more difficult to calculate and predict than immediate costs of crashes like vehicle repair, excess on claims and increased insurance premiums.

Ideally, every fleet manager would rest easy knowing all their drivers in their vehicles are obeying the law, using fuel consciously and driving defensively. But, short of getting behind the wheel yourself, there are no guarantee drivers will be safe and responsible on the road - even if they say they will. Time crunches, mistakes and distractions happen. Here’s where smart technology comes in. 

3. Understand the advantages of driver behaviour monitoring

Driver behaviour is a vital factor in determining a company’s profitability, especially those with a fleet of vehicles. Good driver behaviour will lead to fewer accidents, fewer breakdowns and ultimately results in company vehicles reaching their intended destination quicker, more efficiently and safely.

Today’s technological advancements give fleet managers critical analytics around driver behaviour and its direct impact on company benchmarks like safety, fuel use, harsh usage, and vehicle maintenance costs. 

Having access to accurate behavioural data enables fleet managers to monitor fuel use, manage productivity levels and maintain safety patterns, leading to efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

4. Know how to manage driver behaviour better

When it comes to managing your drivers’ behaviour, the right driver monitoring system plays a big role. The best software for the job uses telematics data to help fleet managers identify areas of opportunity such as increased revenue, customer satisfaction or staff morale. This information can be used to motivate daily business decisions.

One of the most effective means to curb poor driver behaviour is intelligent telematics in fleet management. Fleet managers can extract data relating to both their drivers and their fleet of vehicles, and based on this data, take appropriate action. This data can often be collected in real time, which means that there can be swift and timely remedies taken to curb costly driver behaviour.

5. Use driver behaviour technology to empower drivers

Driving behaviour - good or bad - directly impacts vehicle wear and tear, the longevity of your vehicle and your engine’s fuel economy. These are the main factors involved in keeping your company’s bottom line healthy. 

Not all drivers are overzealous behind the wheel, but since you can’t always tell who adheres to habits that are best for your fleet of vehicles and team’s safety, telematics can offer some reassurance.

Telematics can help identify:

  • If drivers comply with the legal speed limit set by your company for your fleet or the county’s laws
  • Harsh braking, turning and cornering behaviour en route to and from driver destinations
  • Where your vehicles are, with live, accurate GPS location and full trip history
  • Who is driving, with Driver ID and Start Prevent, ensuring that only authorised drivers get behind the wheel of your vehicle

Tools like AI-powered SmartCabin cameras analyse internal and external surroundings, while drivers and your cargo are on the move, allowing you to:

  • Detect any high-risk driving behaviour such as drowsiness, smoking, phone usage and tailgating  
  • Keep drivers safe with preventative in-cabin voice alerts 
  • Monitor and manage potential safety violations 
  • Access to the right footage as and when needed, with event-based cloud storage

Not only does this help to avoid accidents, but the footage of any incidents that may happen along the way is stored on the cloud for effective coaching and to absolve drivers of wrongdoing should an accident occur and they are not at fault.

Get into gear today

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Bad driver behaviour can add strain to your bottom line. Combining the power of smart tracking technology with these business-savvy hacks puts you in the passenger’s seat of every vehicle in your fleet.

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