AARTO Act includes an extra tax

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AARTO Act includes an extra tax

19 November 2019

The recently signed Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act will introduce a more stringent system for road users to abide by in the interests of road safety. Now, the Act is set to have even stricter consequences for motorists due to the inclusion of an extra tax.

We break down what this tax is all about and how it could affect you as a motorist or owner of a fleet of vehicles.  

What is the AARTO Act?

The AARTO Act was signed into law in August 2019, introducing a new driving demerit system, among other traffic changes. The main goal is to make South Africa’s roads and highways safer by removing habitual offenders. The start date for the AARTO demerit system has not been officially announced, but the system is expected to be in full effect from June 2020.

What is the extra tax?

The tax is an Infringement Penalty Levy that was provided for in the recently published draft regulations for the AARTO Act. The levy refers to a fee that is payable by motorists for every infringement notice that is issued to them – essentially, motorists will be charged an additional R100 for every fine issued regardless of the value of the fine or its associated demerit points. This could result in nearly doubling the fine payable in the case of minor infringements.

Be prepared with Cartrack and avoid demerit points

With the impending arrival of AARTO, Cartrack can help make sure that your business complies with the new legislation.

One of the ways in which we do this is by providing reports on key safety metrics that also relate to demerit points, including speeding, harsh braking, harsh turning and other undesirable and even illegal driving habits.   You can also keep an eye on fleet behaviour in real-time with Live Vision, a flexible, comprehensive and easy-to-use four-camera vehicle video system. What’s more, our Breathalyser product provides cutting edge, full-proof and reliable in-vehicle sobriety tests for drivers to enable vehicle ignition. 

With the use of our leading technology, you can implement smart fleet management solutions that will help you monitor your drivers and ensure that they adhere to the rules of the road and comply with AARTO.


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