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Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Safeguard your vehicle
Industry-leading security

At Cartrack we are dedicated to providing our clients with world-class vehicle security, emphasised by having the leading audited vehicle recovery rate in high crime environments such as South Africa.

With Cartrack you get the best safety and security for your car, even when travelling. Get access to the most advanced telematics technology, 24/7 emergency control room support and the highest trained stolen vehicle recovery teams, ensuring we are ready to respond at all times.

There when you need it most

Cartrack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Benefits

Trusted and Secure at Every Step
How Stolen Vehicle Recovery works
Guard Your Vehicle

The first step to securing your vehicle is scheduling a fitment, free of charge. With professionally trained mobile fitment workshops, Cartrack relieves the hassle by coming to you at your own convenience. Our advanced fitment techniques are completely safe and certified, making sure your car is always in safe hands from point of fitment and beyond. 

Get Alerts

With an array of intelligent alerts such as battery disconnects, strip warnings, ignition warnings and more, our 24/7 control room is always on guard to contact you about any suspicious behaviour on your vehicle – even when no driver is in the vehicle.

Alternatively, in high-risk situations such as a carjackings or medical emergencies, push your Cartrack panic button to instantly alert our dedicated support team, who will then initiate assistance procedures appropriate for that particular situation.

Immediate Recovery

If a vehicle theft occurrence is underway, our highly trained recovery team is immediately dispatched. This is often carried out by both air and ground teams to ensure the fastest, safest and most proficient tactical response. With a culmination of experience as one of the longest standing providers in the Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) industry, you can rest assured that every precaution and effort is made to make a successful recovery of your vehicle, emphasised in Cartrack’s industry-leading audited industry recovery rate.

Features and Add-Ons
Compatible with all major vehicle brands
Having successfully tried and tested our hardware on every major vehicle brand, you can be assured that we have a solution that is right for you.
Cross-border compatibility
No need to feel restricted in your operations – we are with you no matter the location, providing a service that extends across our offerings to our Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) solutions.
Free installation
As part of our standard service, we will fit your unit completely free of charge and at a convenient time for you.
Advanced fitment techniques
All fitments are performed by highly trained in-house fitment teams, thereby ensuring that you get the highest level of support and service from the start.
24/7 Support
We recognise that accidents and errors that need attention don’t only happen on the clock; that’s why we are always available to help you, no matter what time it occurs.
Lifetime hardware warranty
Don’t pay good money for hardware that is made cheap. We design, develop and manufacture all of our tracking and telematics units in-house, which allows us the security to give you a lifetime hardware warranty on the best quality possible while still offering competitive prices.

Customise your alerts and how you receive them. Get alerts on speeding, possible thefts and more. All alerts can be sent to any device via our app or sms or through email.


Simple software user interface
Fully redesigned and upgraded software makes it simpler to manage your vehicle, at all times.
Jamming Detection
With Cartrack, you are truly worry-free. We stay one step ahead, so that we are always able to recover your vehicle, even when the thief is using a network jammer.
Start Inhibit
Prevent unwanted driving, with a start inhibit that safely and effectively disables vehicle start up on demand.
Panic Button*

In an emergency, the press of a button will instantly send a silent alert to the Cartrack 24/7 control room and an operator will provide assistance.


Insurance Telematics
Lower your insurance premiums by being a safer driver. With Cartrack, you can get a fully tailored insurance plan so that you aren’t paying for everyone else’s bad habits.
Car Watch
Remotely monitor your vehicle for any unwanted movements, giving you early detection to any possible theft scenarios.
Crash Alert *

Save every second when it counts. With Crash Alert Cartrack is automatically notified of any high collision events with your vehicle and will rapidly contact emergency services.


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Company Name
Mbuso N. Mtshali

“Excellent work Cartrack. My car was stolen and was found in 30 minutes.” – Mbuso N. Mtshali

Company Name
Thabang George Sibiya

“I’m so thankful to have a Cartrack device installed in my car. I’m very happy that I can track the location of my car at all times. Keep up the good work Cartrack.” – Thabang George Sibiya

Company Name
Crenshaw Brinkworth

"I had a Cartrack system installed and been a customer for less than 24 hours when my car was stolen while I was attending a lecture at college. I contacted the Call Centre at Cartrack and in just over half an hour, I was contacted with the news that my vehicle had been located and retrieved. [.] I cannot adequately express the feeling of gratitude. I have a high regard for Cartrack's recovery team who assisted me and were patient to answer all of my questions. Thank you for job well done."  – Crenshaw Brinkworth

Company Name
Sanele Junior Ndimande

“Whenever I have a problem, Cartrack is there to assist. When I am changing my vehicle battery, they call immediately to check that all is in order and that the vehicle is not being stolen. For me, Cartrack gives great service. Big up! – Sanele Junior Ndimande

Company Name
Samke Khanya Jobe Kamamthembu

“I am impressed! Cartrack is the way to go. I removed my battery and Cartrack called within five minutes to check that everything is ok. I feel safe in your hands. Keep up the good work.”- Samke Khanya Jobe Kamamthembu

Company Name
Mogomotsi Medupe

“Cartrack has really delivered on its service promise and went the extra mile to ensure my vehicle was returned to me. I am a very happy customer and I feel safe knowing that I am covered by Cartrack.”

Company Name
Phineas Ndlovu

“Thank you to the Cartrack recovery team for their commitment and for going the extra mile. A big thumbs up to the team!”. - Phineas Ndlovu 

Company Name
Nigel Coni

“I want to thank Cartrack for their incredibly quick work and for the help they gave me at the police station. Well done!” - Nigel Coni

Company Name

“I was impressed with the reaction time and the reassuring and consistent feedback throughout this distressing experience. Thank you to the Cartrack control room for their support and efficient service. As a result of the excellent service received, I’ve decided to upgrade my current Cartrack offering for both my vehicles to include even more fantastic features.” - Christa Dietschmann

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