Live Vision is a flexible, comprehensive and easy-to-use four-camera vehicle video system that keeps fleet owners in visual contact with their fleets through video event recording and transmission technology, thereby aiding safety, efficiency and productivity.

Key product features:

  1. Up to four cameras are connected to the Live Vision control unit, recorded and stored onboard 24/7. These cameras can be placed according to client requirements.
  2. The video footage can be paired with location and speed information. Subsequently, fleet owners receive more accurate information and a fully detailed version of any event.
  3. The Live Vision operating system together with the Cartrack tracking unit allows for the setting up of geofences and Points of Interest (POI) for both location purposes and event management. Events can therefore be set to be triggered upon vehicles entering, exiting or experiencing extended times in geo-zones.
  4. Each product includes optional extra trigger inputs, including triggers on the cabin doors, a panic button, a microphone, a speaker and voice communication.

The main benefits include:

  • Improved driver behaviour and skills
  • Significantly reduced operational and maintenance costs relating to tyres, brakes and fuel
  • Improved productivity and maximised asset usage
  • Reduce driver liability – visual proof of driving incidents can be used for coaching and insurance claims
  • Quickly and accurately resolve claims and reduce fraud
  • Reinforce your company’s commitment to the safety of your employees and community, and most importantly, to saving lives

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Live Vision

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