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How to use the Cartrack app

Once you’ve received an email from Cartrack confirming that you’ve joined the Cartrack family, you’ll be able to gain full value from the Cartrack app, as long as you have a smartphone.

How to download the app:

You can either go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for “Cartrack”. It will appear as Cartrack Fleet in the Apple App Store or Cartrack GPS, Vehicle & Fleet in the Google Play Store – click install.

Click on “login” and enter your account details (Psst, Cartrack will share these details with you when your unit has been installed via an email).


Whether you don't know your login details or forgot them, retrieving them is now effortless! All you need is access to the email or phone number associated with your account. 

1.Tap "GET MY LOGIN DETAILS" after opening the app. If your homescreen does not look like this, please update your app to our latest version.

2. Choose whether you want to receive your verification code by email or SMS, enter the email or phone number associated to the account and select your country

3. Enter your verification code

4. Your username will be shown on screen. To reset your password, tap "forgot password"

5. Enter your new password and tap reset

You're all set to log in and enjoy our world-leading platform and solutions! 

The Cartrack app will put you in control and protect you, some exciting benefits:

  • Activate CarWatch which alerts you if your vehicle moves once parked

  • Activate Protector which provides Medical, Roadside, Legal, Accommodation and Car Hire services.

  • Learn how you can improve your driving behaviour to reduce fuel and maintenance costs

  • View your live vehicles' location, past trips and share your vehicle location 

  • View driving reports to monitor driving behaviour and implement responsible driving

  • View speeding reports to improve safe driving

  • View risk reports to prevent accidents and hazardous driving behaviour

  • View last position report which indicates the last known position of the vehicle

  • Get special deals on tyres and insurance

  • Maps in three different views – Default, Satellite and Google


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