How to stay safe on the roads this Easter

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How to stay safe on the roads this Easter

With the year in full swing and the pressures of the economy souring the mood of many people, South Africans are once again eagerly anticipating their annual Easter break and the chance to unwind and enjoy some much-needed family time. As ever, motorists will be setting off on long journeys on the road as part of the Easter holidays.

To ensure that this journey is a safe one, you should always plan ahead. Here are some handy safety tips to consider these Easter holidays before you depart on your trip:

Always focus on the road

It might seem obvious to point out, but total concentration on the road is critical, especially during long car rides. It is important to not waiver and to keep 100% on the road at all times – ensure that you don’t multitask or use your phone or any other electronic device while driving.

Keep on the defensive 

One of the golden rules of keeping you and your loved ones safe on the road is to drive “defensively”. This essentially means that you should always be aware of the actions of other drivers and always assume that they will drive in ways that could put you in danger. By adopting this mindset, you will always be prepared to navigate hazardous situations. Some ways you can drive defensively include:

  • Keep a safe following distance (at least a 2-second cushion between you and the car in front of you)
  • Slow down – speeding gives you less time to react and increases the severity of an accident
  • Keep your cool and don’t’ engage in any road rage

Plan safely beforehand

The more prepared you are before any journey, the safer you will be on the road. It is essential to ensure that the vehicle has been thoroughly checked by a mechanic, and that the tyres, water, oil and general functioning of the vehicle are in order. It is also advisable to have a firm idea of the route ahead – this will ensure that you don’t get lost en route, and don’t make yourself vulnerable to opportunistic criminals.

Take care of yourself on the road

Not taking care of yourself while driving on the road could compromise your ability to drive at an optimum and will compromise your safety. You should therefore take care to take plenty of breaks, drink plenty of liquids, eat when you’re low on energy, stretch regularly and never drive if you’re overtired.

Always be alert to criminal threats

The reality of crime in South Africa is always present, and this is especially the case when it comes to criminal threats to your car. You should, therefore, undertake these precautions while on your journey:

  • Always lock your car when leaving it and keep your valuables out of sight
  • Be aware of anyone who may be following you and drive to the nearest police station if you are suspicious
  • Don’t stop your car after a bumper bashing - rather drive to the nearest police station to report it as hijackers may be trying to steal your car

Lastly, make sure that you have a reliable tracking device from Cartrack - our world-class recovery team is available 24/7 and will help ensure you have peace of mind on the road.

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