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28 November 2019

Most new cars come with built-in immobilisers and alarms, however as we in South Africa know, you can never have too much security when it comes to looking after your vehicular investments.

28 November 2019

Although we’ve only just stepped into the evolution of the electric car, there is another evolution in the motoring industry that’s been taking place since the dawn of flight – that of flying cars or what has been dubbed Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

19 November 2019

The recently signed Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act will introduce a more stringent system for road users to abide by in the interests of road safety. Now, the Act is set to have even stricter consequences for motorists due to the inclusion of an extra tax.

8 November 2019

If the expert predictions are anything to go by, 57% of all cars on the road in 2040 will be electric vehicles as the cost to manufacture, purchase and maintain these vehicles becomes ever more within the average person’s financial reach.





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