6 December 2017

With the festive season upon us, many people are packing for a well-deserved break and a road trip to a holiday destination.

6 November 2017

The prospect of being targeted in a hijacking is frightening; it’s a scenario that you hope will never happen to you. Unfortunately, as much as we try to avoid them, these sorts of scary situations can occur.

6 October 2017

While there are numerous aspects about driving that can be discussed, there is no more important issue than your safety on the road. Every other driving issue pales in comparison to ensuring that you and your loved ones safely get from point A to point B.

6 September 2017

According to the crime statistics released by the Minister of Police Nathi Nhleko and police commissioner Riah Phiyega for 2014/2015, truck hijackings have increased dramatically at 29.1%.



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