Fleet management from the comfort of your home

Probably one of the most positive impacts Covid-19 has had on productivity is that of being able to work from home, even for fleet managers. Did you know that 75% of decision-makers engage in remote fleet management and 10% divide their work hours between home and the office?

The reason for this flexible fleet working arrangement is that accessibility, data collection and analysis is so much easier. With always-on digital platforms, such as those provided by Cartrack, fleet owners and managers can be in contact with almost any vehicle on the road, at any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world.

However, as WFH practices become more entrenched, informal interactions between fleet managers, drivers and vehicles will become less. Managers could miss crucial data such as accident damage, maintenance issues or even driver concerns.  

Fleet owners are turning to “digital eyes” - vehicle inspection management solutions - to check vehicles and drivers. Web-based cameras, both within warehouses and mounted on fleet vehicles, can scan for vehicle damage, potential cargo loss and/or bad on-road habits. Cartrack’s Live Vision is an innovative vehicle-mounted video system that keeps an eye on your people, vehicles and cargo, while our sophisticated satellite and GPS fleet tracking software tells you exactly where your vehicles are.

Additional safety features, such as Start Prevent and Driver ID means that along with real time live locations, our clients know if the right person is behind the wheel and can receive up-to-date reports on driving habits and vehicle performance.

MiFleet measures individual and fleet costs

Fleet management software combined with hardware that integrates into a vehicle’s CANBus gives fleet operators a detailed view of their vehicles. Coupled with a vehicle cost accounting system such as MiFleet, the working-from-home manager can take control of maintenance, schedule and vehicle issues before they become a problem, and keep jobs on the move.

MiFleet also allows for regular cost scheduling such as licensing, service intervals, toll fee accounts and more to assist managers in budgeting for operating and capital expenditure; knowing when a vehicle will be ready for retirement means that timely measures can be put in place to mitigate the loss or to purchase a replacement. On the other hand, when your business is growing, MiFleet can show you which is the best vehicle to purchase to ensure your delivery stays on point.

MiFleet, powered by Cartrack, is the perfect web-based tool to show you the exact running costs of your fleet and give you insights on what cost-saving measures to implement.  

Automated reporting means that fleet managers don’t have to be on hand in the office waiting for a printout. Reports on everything from fleet maintenance to driver behaviour, vehicle performance, fuel usage, on-road hours and more can be automatically emailed to the decision-makers. You can even have different reports sent to different people within the same company.

Team communication is tops

While there is a variety of communication tools out there, the rule of thumb is to keep it simple, especially when talking to your on-road workforce. This is where Cartrack’s Communicator comes into its own.

This platform allows you to streamline your processes, increase productivity and reduce costs by combining communication, navigation, tracking and task management into one solution. While your driver is still on the road, you can add a task - such as pick a parcel and deliver it to a new address - send them the best routes to get there, check that it’s being done and receive photographic and signature evidence of a completed job.

Communicator is the on-the-ground, real-time management of your mobile workforce in the palm of your hand.

Nothing beats the human touch

And while you go digital, don’t lose the personal touch with your workforce. A regular telephonic or even face-to-face meeting with the people in your workforce will go along way to ensuring that they know you keep them top of mind.

We’d also like to meet you and tell you how we can make your Work-From-Home strategy work smarter, so you don’t have to work harder. Contact us today.

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

Probably one of the most positive impacts Covid-19 has had on productivity is that of being able to work from home, even for fleet managers.

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