Cartrack contributing to #OTM2020

Public transport is easily the back bone of South Africa’s economy with more than two thirds of the country’s workforce using it to commute daily. It is also responsible for providing work for many people, from drivers to marshals, car washers and vendors, as well as more peripheral workers such as those in road construction, toll revenue collection and more.

Sadly, as with many other industries in SA, COVID had a massive effect on the transport sector. Stats SA shows that the number of passenger journeys decreased by almost 72% in May 2020 compared with May 2019 and that there was a corresponding decrease in income of almost 69%.

As we celebrate #OTM2020, Transport Month, we’ll be taking a look at how Cartrack contributes to this year’s theme of “together shaping the future of transport”. Our superior systems and mobility solutions are just what’s needed to assist transporters of both people and goods, get the best out of all their vehicles and stay safe and protected while on the road.

Here are some of our best features

If you’re the owner of a fleet of people movers - busses or taxis - it’s important that you know where your vehicles are and that they haven’t aren’t in high risk situations. One of the features of Cartrack’s software platform is Geofencing, or defining areas in which to operate or routes to follow. If this is set up and one of your vehicles goes off route, you’ll receive an alert telling you exactly where the vehicle is so that you can take the right action, immediately.

Another feature of Cartrack’s advanced technology is the ability to provide instant information about how a vehicle is being driven. It’s no secret that driving according to both the vehicle’s tolerances and the rules of the road can help increase the life of the tyres, brakes, belts, fuel, oil and more which in the long run saves money. Cartrack’s platform and software can even integrate with the vehicle’s CANBus to provide a more accurate picture of how it’s being used. The CANBus is the computer part of a car that controls what’s happening while it’s being driven.

With fuel costs increasing more often than decreasing, it’s equally important that owners and managers keep an eye on usage. Cartrack’s software can also be tied into your administration system and keep you updated as to where and when your vehicles are refuelled, reducing fuel theft and fraud.

For your added peace of mind, we also offer Crash Detection. This feature allows the unit to sense when a vehicle has been in an accident and will alert us of an emergency situation. We will contact you to get the relevant details and dispatch emergency response straight to the scene based on the GPS data provided by the unit.

It goes without saying that purchasing a fleet of vehicles, whether they’re to be used to transport people or goods, is a massive investment and one which needs protection at all costs. Cartrack’s superior asset recovery services are the best in SA, and is a benefit available to all our customers. It’s the best value for money protection you can get and puts you in control of your vehicles.

With all this and more from Cartrack, you can relax knowing that no matter what, we’ll work with you to shape the future of transport. Take a look here at what we can do for you.

Business or pleasure? Our SARS-compliant logbook does it all from one app.

Public transport is easily the back bone of South Africa’s economy with more than two thirds of the country’s workforce using it to commute daily.

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