7 Places to explore if you’re a true blue South African

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Here's a list of beautiful locations that are right here in the motherland. You don't need to hop on three connecting flights to find paradise; just pack your bags, gather your squad and take a local short left through these breath-taking destinations:

1. Cradle of Humankind

It doesn't always have to be the beach or the rainforest. Take an adventure down to the Cradle of Humankind’s vast museum and the Sterkfontein underground caves.

This incredible site is home to more than 850 hominid fossils and 40% of all the world's human ancestor fossils. History, artefacts and restaurants galore are located between Gauteng and the North West, this location is well worth the drive.

2. Table Mountain

Table Mountain, known as one of the seven wonders of the world, offers a majestic view of Cape Town and is seen as one of the significant contributors to the South African tourism industry.

Whether you're the adventurous type and want to climb up the iconic mountain or relax at one of the many vineyards with a cheese charcuterie board and some wine, with Cape Town’s multicultural community, you'll find a group of locals you can explore with and never feel out of place.

3. Tiffindell Ski Resort

Have you ever wanted to experience the purity of snow in our beautiful, sunny South Africa? Well, come visit the snowy scenery that is the Tiffindell Ski Resort, located in the Eastern Cape, and... bring a jacket. 

Living in this normally hot and humid country, you wouldn't expect there to be a place that has snow all winter long. But guess what, that place isn't that far off; only an 8-hour road trip from Durban will do.

Tiffindell is South Africa’s only ski and snowboard resort. Its popularity precedes itself as hundreds of people flock to this location, all to experience the unique natural and man-made snow produced.

4. Sun City Resort

Rated as one of the top entertainment destinations in South Africa, Sun City is loved by people, young and old. With their casinos, grand golf course, highly rated hotels, impressive man-made beach, and Las Vegas-themed Superbowl, there are enough activities to keep every member of the family happy and well occupied. This will be a short left well taken.

This luxurious gateway destination caters to any budget range, from the 5-star Palace, the 4-star Sun City Hotel, and the 3-star Cabanas hotel. Everyone can enjoy the experience, no matter how much change you've got saved up.

5. Kruger National Park

If wildlife and greenery are more your speed, the Kruger National Park might be the right fit for you. Get away from the fast pace of the city and escape to the quiet, relaxing home of the San (bushman). Come along and enjoy daily braais, picture-perfect sunsets and a holiday you'll never forget.

Regarded as the best game reserve in Africa, this location surely won't disappoint. You will be honoured with the chance to see the famous rock paintings of the San as well as an amazing selection of diverse wildlife, including South Africa’s "Big Five": lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino.

6. Lake Eland Game Reserve 

Want to visit a game reserve that caters to a variety of adventurists? From an adrenaline newbie to a seasoned daredevil, Lake Eland game reserve just might be the right place to explore.

The wide 2500 hectare reserve is filled with grasslands, crossed with coastal forests and bushveld sections that are ideal for fun day trips, overnight camp vacations, conferences, team building activities and even romantic weddings in their rustic chapel. This lush location is only 40 kilometres from Port Shepstone.

Activities like hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, paintball and fishing are some of the popular adrenalin attractions that bring people that like to live on the edge to this awesome hideaway. Simply put, it's a lot more than a game reserve.

7. Emerald Hotel Resort and Casino

Craving a casino experience but don't want to travel countless hours to get it? Well, buckle up for this local casino that caters to adults and kiddies alike.

The Emerald resort is located less than an hour outside of Johannesburg, set in a magnificent private estate on the lush banks of the Vaal River, it supplies you with just enough distance from the noisy city to provide a luxurious escape. Their relaxing selection of accommodations, from the Emerald Hotel, Bush Lodge, and River Chalet, to their affordable caravan sites, for a camping vibe, are all designed to fit your budget.

Trying your luck with the money machines is not the only way you can spend your time. The resort offers exciting activities such as rock climbing, aqua dome, animal world zoo, spa, bowling lanes and arcade games.

If you want to save this location for December, they have yearly festive season events, where entertainment like singers, performers and DJs are booked, locked and loaded to usher you into the new year.

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