5 Ways telematics will benefit your bike fleet

There’s more to bikes than speed. Sure, your fleet of scooters and motorcycles make deliveries quick, meaning you get more packages out than a bigger vehicle. Fulfilling customers’ orders faster can save you more than just time with smart telematics for your bike fleet.

 An advanced real-time GPS and telematics solution with a full suite of fleet management features foryour commercial motorbike fleet helps keep your business productive and profitable.

 5 Ways telematics will benefit your bike fleet

1. Make trips more efficient

Not only does trip monitoring speed up your bike deliveries, but you also enjoy more productive trips. Keeping a keen eye on traffic, transit alerts, bike positioning and distances, ensure that you’re able to assign delivery jobs to the most efficient drivers.

 Your drivers also need access to all the information they need to complete the job quickly and efficiently. This is where an integrated communication platform between the driver and your dispatch team comes in. 

 Engaging with drivers makes it simpler to communicate jobs, share navigational information, send/receive messages and obtain proof of delivery or job completion.

2. Save on labour costs

Maximise productivity in your paid hours with access to key vehicle metrics and information. Your bottom line will thank you for it. 

 Enjoy access to tools that will help you manage your bike fleet’s productivity, including:

- Live task assignment

- Real-time messaging with your drivers

- Access to live positioning

- Geofence monitoring and alerts. 

 Motorcycle tracking devices don’t only minimize issues with delivery routes and job assignments, but your dispatchers can use the data as the ultimate tool of efficiency, upgrading your fleet to the next level. 

3. Reduce fuel and operating expenses

Bad habits like speeding, excessive idling, and route inefficiencies can cost you money you could be putting into growing your business. 

 Imagine having automatically generated critical cost and efficiency reports such as odometer summaries, asset utilisation, real-time dashboards, alerts, notifications and idling data at the touch of a button - all at your convenience.

 A smart management solution for your fleet gives you an unmatched level of efficiency that you can actually see, month on   month, empowering you to contain costs and increase productivity.

4. Add Stolen Vehicle Recovery for ultimate peace of mind

A GPS tracker for motorcycles is an essential measure to ensure your assets are always protected from theft. 

Coupling a product like Cartrack’s Bike Track with our stolen vehicle recovery service ensures you can easily track and trace any one of the bikes from your fleet, whether it has been stolen or has simply gone missing.

5. Happy customers mean more business

With Cartrack, it’s easy to get a five-star rating from customers by giving them real-time information and making deliveries more efficient. 

 Stay one step ahead of the competition by allowing customers to view the status of their order and increase your fleet productivity to reach them as quickly as possible while accommodating deliveries as fast as possible.

 Keep your business productive and profitable with the ease and efficiency that smart telematics offers your bike fleet. Find out how with Car Track Bike Track.

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There’s more to bikes than speed. Sure, your fleet of scooters and motorcycles make deliveries quick, meaning you get more packages out than a bigger vehicle.

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