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It’s no secret that as a nation we’re going to have to tighten our belts significantly while we deal with the economic fall-out of the COVID-induced Lockdown, and that we will all be looking to save money at every level.

Lockdown recovery - optimize to minimize expenses

Rebuilding our economy after COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown is not going to be an easy process, especially as people will be looking for new ways to conduct their business, and better methods of improving efficiencies to save money while ensuring a steady income.  

More women ready to face the future than ever before

From truck drivers to engineers , CEOs, CFOs and more, women across the globe are breaking through the glass ceiling and taking on jobs that have traditionally

Insurance – yes, you probably do need it!

Insurance is arguably the one purchase most people need to make, but no-one really wants to, simply because it’s seen as an unrewarding expense.

10 Ways Cartrack helps you save money

With a slowdown in economy as a result of Lockdown, many businesses may find themselves looking to reduce costs.

The many hidden costs of owning a car

Your car is probably one of the biggest life choices you’ll make, but do you know just how much you’ll actually spend on that choice?

How can telematics impact the environment?

One of the positive impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent Lockdown is that of the revitalisation of our planet, from the clearing of the Venetian canals, to the reported shrinking of the hole in the ozone layer.

Empowering private clients using commercial data

From humble beginnings in 2004, Cartrack has become a dominant force to be reckoned with in the vehicle tracking and telematics industry.

A world of data in the palm of your hand

The smartphone is arguably the most valuable invention to come out of the early 2000s; it’s where we find our entertainment, socialise with faraway friends and family, and conduct banking and business.

Driving incentivisation through data

If nothing else, the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent COVID-19 disease that has profoundly changed our world and communities, has ensured that people wash their hands more regularly than ever before


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