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How can telematics impact the environment?

One of the positive impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent Lockdown is that of the revitalisation of our planet, from the clearing of the Venetian canals, to the reported shrinking of the hole in the ozone layer.

Empowering private clients using commercial data

From humble beginnings in 2004, Cartrack has become a dominant force to be reckoned with in the vehicle tracking and telematics industry.

A world of data in the palm of your hand

The smartphone is arguably the most valuable invention to come out of the early 2000s; it’s where we find our entertainment, socialise with faraway friends and family, and conduct banking and business.

Driving incentivisation through data

If nothing else, the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent COVID-19 disease that has profoundly changed our world and communities, has ensured that people wash their hands more regularly than ever before

More than a tracking company

As one of South Africa’s leading vehicle recovery companies, we understand that our customers, both individuals and fleet, need a mobility partner that will be with them wherever they travel, and in some cases, even when they’re not on the road.

The future of vehicle tracking

Over the last 20 years, vehicle tracking has developed in leaps and bounds to the point where it is an integral part of both vehicle security and the modern management of vehicles within a fleet.

Toyota’s new-generation car powered by hydrogen

According to Toyota, it’s time we all went into cattle farming; at least we’ll be able to power their new generation Mirai concept vehicle, which they say will be able to run for “for a year from hydrogen from a single cow's manure.”

Best practice implementation can save you 15-20%

With the ever-increasing costs of conducting business, fleet owners the world over are looking at ways to reduce their expenses; Cartrack has the answer with its powerful combination of telematics, tracking, reporting and data analysis which can result in various expense reduction strategies.

Develop good driving habits

Most people go through a great deal of stress obtaining their driver’s licences, and just as many forget a lot of what they have learnt over the ensuing weeks, months and years of driving and often do not even realise they are developing some bad driving habits.


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