5 tips to keep in mind if you’re modifying your car

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5 tips to keep in mind if you’re modifying your car

14 October 2019

Back in 2001, a film hit the big screens that glorified the modification of a car, from the insertion of nitrous oxide tubes into the engine compartment to shimmering neon lighting under the body… this film was none other than the first of the Fast and Furious franchise and it set off a modification chain reaction around the world. 

And while the franchise painted these Ricer Cars in a whole new light, they have been around for years and in some countries have become a sub-culture all their own with both pro and amateur mechanics adding a number of Ricer Mods to their cars. 

These mods don’t often make a difference to the vehicle’s performance, and in fact many make the car that much harder to drive. But, if correctly installed and or added, they sure do make the vehicle stand out from the ordinary. 

If you’d really like to rice up your car, here’s five tips to follow that will put your car on fleek and elevate your ricer status to master. 

  1. Plan
    For a really stand out job, plan before you implement. There are a number of graphic design programmes and vector images out there, use these to determine exactly what you want to do to your car – failing to plan is planning to fail.
  2. The paint job
    When shopping for paint, talk to body repair specialists about what type of paint you need, how to layer it properly, and what to coat it with to ensure your car gleams, rain or shine.
  3. The wheels
    Low profiles are the best bet for your kitted-out car, and of course it’s obligatory to put them at stance, i.e. a little bit off kilter. Also be careful when choosing the hubs, you want something that’s elegantly stylish, not silly, and stay away from the spinning rims!
  4. The interior
    If you really want to make a good impression, make sure that the interior of the car matches the outside. If your ricer is understated elegance on the outside, then keep with that theme on the inside. If you choosing to go extreme, then again consistency is key, keep that extreme theme going on the inside.
  5. The spoiler
    Bear in mind that most average cars don’t actually need a spoiler, but if you’re going to mod your car, then you’ll need to add the spoiler to really finish off the over-all look. Don’t go too big, in this case a smaller aerofoil will do to ensure your car looks and feels awesome!
  6. The security
    After all that time, effort and money spent on ensuring your ricer car is the best, you should also take the time to ensure its safety and security. Get Cartrack to give you a quote for a world-class tracking and vehicle recovery system that will only enhance the visual features of your car.


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