How technology is saving costs for transporters in the Covid-era


The global economy has been impacted significantly with imposed lockdowns and restrictions on trade and travel, however the positive outcome of this is the accelerated adoption of digitalisation.

Some of the challenges facing transporters at this time, according to the Road Freight Association (RFA), are numerous and complex. One of the most notable in relation to economic recovery is the pressure to cut costs, with automation and technology changing the way logistics operates.

Technology can certainly speed up the process of recovery, and with the use of technologies such as Cartrack’s software platform for fleet management, running a more efficient and productive fleet is within reach.

To ride the wave of technology into the future, here’s how your business can adapt:

·       Risk management with driver scorecard – The rating of driver behaviour is done in real-time, providing an opportunity for immediate driver coaching and correction of issues. Cartrack’s software platform is an important tool that analyses the behavioural traits of each driver so that they can be worked on to improve driving and manage risk. Any good fleet manager knows that better drivers result in lower maintenance and fuel consumption, fewer accidents and traffic violations and good corporate citizenship.

·       Reduce and understand excessive idling – Fuel is probably one of the most volatile variables in a fleet, with costs escalating and reducing quite frequently. One thing is for certain, saving on fuel costs can make a big difference to the bottom-line. One of the main culprits in high fuel costs is excessive idling. This can be avoided with the right data on hand. Cartrack’s software platform will show you which vehicles are idling excessively and where they are located. With this information you can set benchmarks on impacting variables such as vehicle OEM, driver behaviour, load and route; and ultimately convert the data into actionable intelligence.

·       Fuel consumption of fleet – Comparing fuel intake to distance travelled is made easier with a vehicle fuel consumption summary report. Again, you can use this information for benchmarking and understanding the data available for each truck and use it to take remedial action.

Cartrack uses its fuel management technology on its own fleet and can attest to achieving a reduction in fuel consumption per kilometre travelled by over 31%. This is a significant saving for the company considering that Cartrack’s national fleet completes around two million kilometres per month. Any company can reach these goals with the use of state-of-the-art technology to save on fleet costs.

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It’s been a tough time for many transporters who face many challenges due to Covid-19. With technology, the cost of managing fleets can be lowered using actionable data insights to manage drivers, compare fuel usage and optimise productivity. Read more about saving costs here.

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