Group Profile

Cartrack commenced operations in 2004 and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as Cartrack Holdings Limited in 2014 (Bloomberg CTK:SJ). Cartrack has developed into a leading global provider of Fleet Management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Insurance telematics services with a strong focus on technology development to enhance customer experience. An extensive footprint is already well established in Africa, Europe and South East Asia; more recently, operations have been opened in America and New Zealand.

Cartrack is a service-centric organisation supported by a strong focus on in-house design, development and installation of Telematics technology and data analytics. Cartrack provides fleet, mobile asset and workforce management solutions underpinned by real-time actionable business intelligence, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’), plus the service of tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles.

Our technology is widely accepted by motor manufacturers and insurers, with hardware and installations being of the highest standard. Cartrack’s user-friendly and cost-effective web-based Fleet Management portal provides a comprehensive set of features ensuring the optimisation of both fleet and human resources. To expand its integrated service offering, Cartrack is providing driver risk assessment offerings in the field of Insurance Telematics.

Cartrack also specialises in vehicle tracking and recovery, providing an invaluable service to combat vehicle theft in countries where crime is prevalent. Demonstrating its confidence in its systems, Cartrack was the first company globally to offer a cash back recovery warranty of up to R150 000 to its customers in the unlikely event of non-recovery of their stolen vehicles. An industry leading audited recovery rate of 91% in South Africa is evidence of the superior quality of our technology and services.

Our vision is to achieve global industry leadership in the telematics industry including Fleet Management, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Insurance Telematics services with our  mission being to provide our clients and partners with real-time actionable business intelligence based on advanced technology and reliable data.

Cartrack technicians are assessed on their installations on a monthly basis, countrywide. We nurture and grow our in-house talent and recognise accredited industry talent as well, which underscores our ethos of working with the best possible skills that the industry has to offer in order to provide superior service to our clients.

Although Cartrack is responsible for 98% of our own installations, we do engage with SME’s as part of our socio economic development program and therefore, Pro-Fit Fitment Centre is now an authorised fitment centre for Cartrack.

The main purpose of the business is the installation of stolen vehicle recovery products and fleet management systems and the maintenance thereof. Pro-Fit exclusively installs Cartrack products.

Pro-Fit Fitment Centre has received full training on all Cartrack products and specifications; this includes all motor manufacturers’ standards and agreements. Pro-Fit is also authorised to sell all Cartrack products at recommended market prices.

Preferential Procurement.
Various initiatives are in place, including preferential payment terms of 15 days for black exempted micro enterprises and qualifying small enterprises.


PMR Africa

PMR Africa completes annual surveys per province. The purpose of the survey is to measure companies on their contribution to the economic growth and development of the province, levels of management expertise, implementation of corporate governance and competencies, brand awareness and marketing efforts.

Cartrack received a 1st overall ranking in both Kwa-Zulu Natal and the North West Province, and earned a respectable 2nd overall rating in the Lowveld in 2011.


The Technology Top 100 programme is focused on identifying the true South African role models who through innovation, tenacity and a passionate belief in people, have been able to take their organisations to new levels of competitiveness. The programme seeks to identify role models who are either users or developers of technology.


Cartrack, as a leader in technology and business, has achieved the Technology Top 100 rating. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that we develop cutting edge technology which improves our clients’ quality of life.

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