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E-Toll Reporting

Toll made easier for you and your business

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Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Recover your vehicle in the event of theft or hijacking

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Fleet Management

Achieve greater productivity and be in control with our fleet management solutions

Cartrack Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management


As a global leader and one of the most respected companies in vehicle tracking and recovery systems, Cartrack is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of its clients’. In fact, with more than 350,000 clients worldwide – 250,000 in South Africa alone – Cartrack’s services and software systems are built on the most advanced technologies available coupled with a devotion to client service.

And with a vast array of options and packages available, Cartrack’s solutions are designed to meet the realities of modern-day anti-theft and vehicle recovery, as well as fleet management for perfect peace of mind. Indeed, Cartrack’s vehicle recovery system is the only one backed by independent auditing and boasts a proven 93% recovery rate. In addition, the company offers a R150,000 Recovery Warranty that ensures clients always recover an invaluable portion of their losses, whether the vehicle itself is found or not.


Cartrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery System comprises an advanced tracking unit that is discreetly installed in each vehicle and, using GPS and GSM technologies, can pinpoint the location of a vehicle at any time.

The computerised and web-based technology affords real-time location and is backed up by highly trained rapid-response teams.

This telematics system is not only one of the most sophisticated of its kind available, but constitutes a game-changing leap forward in fleet management, insurance and overall road safety.

Cartrack is the go-to vehicle recovery company due to its trusted and efficient services.
“Our clients are our number-one priority and we will always offer the most technologically advanced vehicle tracking systems on the market.”


Cartrack CEO TV Interview

Cartrack Cares, Kwagga Initiative

Cartrack Cares, Kwagga Initiative

Check out our initiative with Netcare and Ford Fury on a specialised emergency vehicle. Introducing the Kwagga.

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