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Fleet Customers

  • We now track each vehicle in our fleet. With Cartrack, this task has never been easier. We are  now able to prevent unpermitted access to our vehicles, ensure that vehicles do not leave their planned routes, know with certainty if our clients have been called on, monitor our cost structure and communicate efficiently with all our drivers.

    Diplomat/Premier Group
  • I reduced fuel expenses by identifying unnecessary fuel usage due to excessive idling and speeding by our drivers. Thanks to Cartrack, our operational costs have improved drastically.

  • Cartrack’s cutting edge technology, allows us to get the best out of our staff. We have managed to come up with some wonderful reports which prove to be vital for managers regarding their teams performance. We have reduced fuel expenses by identifying excessive fuel usage due to excessive idling and speeding by our drivers.

    Ericsson SA
  • Cartrack has provided us with a very useful tool when it comes to delivering a service to our client, we are able to track and control our fleet to provide optimal productivity. With the use of Cartrack reports, I am able to identify and control driver behaviour.  By identifying aggressive employee drivers, we have clearly reduced the risk of accidents.

    Ericsson SA
  • Cartrack goes above and beyond to assist in every possible way. We have over 3000 vehicles monitored with their products.

  • With 216 vehicles and 34 bikes fitted with Cartrack tracking devices, we have never experienced delays in the telematics information and access to this information has ensured better driving efficiency in our daily operations.

Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle Recovery Customers

  • Many Thanks to Cartrack for the speedy recovery of one of the fleet vehicles. Outstanding service!

    Nicolene Filen
  • Cartrack truly stands by their vision and mission. They are true partners in providing real-time actionable service.

    Congo Makaota
  • Cartrack recovered my vehicle. I can see why they have an outstanding recovery rate.

    Xoloni Welcome
  • We have no hesitation in recommending Cartrack. Their service, from installation and monitoring through to recovery of stolen vehicles is excellent.

    Zeda Car Sales

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