Retriever Kenya soars to new heights

Thanks to a renewed focus on our core values of service delivery and innovation, Retriever (Cartrack’s Kenyan branch) has enjoyed several noticeable achievements in recent times, achieving constant sales growth in the first quarter of 2018, as well as an outstanding 95% recovery rate in the past year.

Retriever Digital Marketing manager, Eric Ndungu, explains how these stellar results have been achieved.

“Through concerted teamwork and a wholehearted commitment to Cartrack’s core principles, Retriever is currently eroding market share from our competition and gradually working towards our ultimate goal of being the preferred supplier in Kenya.

“The high recovery rate can be attributed to a highly efficient ground response team who work swiftly and in coordination with Retriever’s 24- hour emergency control room to ensure that vehicles are recovered within the shortest time possible for our valued customers. The recoveries also involved several cross-border operations, and our team excelled in executing these complicated and often dangerous duties.”

In addition to these developments, Retriever has also incorporated several of Cartack’s technologically advanced products into its offering over the last year, including Trailer Track, Drive Vision and Car Watch. The introduction of these products will allow Retriever to tap into new market segments and better serve its customers’ changing needs

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