Beware of a vehicle theft scam!
Dear Valued Cartrack Customer
Please be advised we have encountered a resurgence of an industry wide motor theft scam, often targeted at luxury vehicles. It is imperative to be aware of and to be vigilant.

A very advanced criminal group is targeting owners of luxury vehicles, masquerading as employees of a professional establishment such as a car dealership or motor manufacturer. These criminals use masked numbers of legitimate establishments and false email addresses to communicate with you, and are known to hack your personal information in various ways.

There have been reports of a number of tactics used, mainly informing the owner that their vehicle will be collected by the establishment for critical repair work. We have recently encountered a case of these thieves posing as Cartrack employees.

Please note, our employees will always be in a Cartrack-branded vehicle, wearing branded uniforms and with the relevant identification. If you should receive any unexpected or unusual message, please verify this appointment with us, by calling our dedicated service security number 010 141 9425. For Customer Care queries, please call 011 250 3000 or email Customer Care.

We also urge you to make use of our Cartrack app to gain access to your vehicle movements at any time.
Our world-class app allows you to:
  • View your vehicle location and past trips
  • Activate CarWatch which alerts you if your vehicle moves once parked
  • Share your vehicle location with your loved ones
  • View reports related to driver behaviour
If you’re in the market for a new vehicle or if you would like to upgrade your current package with additional safety features, contact us for further information. You may want to keep an eye on Cartrack-affiliated dealerships who are offering our industry-first R1-million recovery warranty for newly purchased vehicles. With this warranty in place, our customers will be paid out the book value of their vehicle, up to R1 Million if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered.

We put our customers in control knowing that should their vehicles be stolen or hijacked, they can trust us to get it back.

Thank you for trusting Cartrack with your vehicle’s safety.
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