Love your car this #Valentinesday

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February is the month of love and is the ideal time to take care of the other love of your life: your car.

Checking your vehicle regularly is vital to ensure your car runs optimally. “Looking after your car will extend its good looks and improve its resale value.” said the Automobile Association (AA).

Take the time to clean your vehicle yourself now and again to check for scratches, bumps or irregularities on the bodywork that you may miss on a daily basis.

Here are some tips for washing your car:

• Don’t use dish washing liquid or other household detergents
• Wash your car in the shade – washing your car in the sun will cause the soapy water to dry quickly and leave marks
• Don’t spray cold water on hot brakes, this may cause the brakes to warp and would be very costly to repair
• Use sponges and drying cloths designed for vehicle cleaning to avoid scratching your paintwork
• Start by washing your roof and work your way down, moving the dirt in one direction

Once you have finished drying your vehicle, walk around your vehicle and do a check.
Components to check:

• Windscreen wipers are clean and working properly
• Indicators, brakes, and headlights
• Oil level
• Water level
• Battery condition
• Tyre tread level, pressure, and wear
• Spare tyre

Do not use any silicon-based sprays on the interior of the vehicle, as this may cause damage. If you have leather seats, wipe them with a dry cloth first. Follow this with a solution of 90% water, 10% soap, and a soft cloth. If you have a car seat for your child, make sure you have reinstalled it properly after cleaning.

“A car is a sizeable investment. With the proper care it will serve you well for a long time. Maintaining the engine through regular services is only one of the things responsible owners do; they also keep their vehicles clean, and in good condition, to extend its time on the road. And, if you don’t do it for your car, do it for your significant other who will appreciate that special night out in a clean and safe ride,” the AA concluded.