Cartrack’s Learning and Development Africa programme uplifting lives of its employees

In recognition of the importance of nurturing the skills and talents of its employees and contributing to their motivation and retention, Cartrack is undertaking a concentrated effort to pursue its Learning and Development programme at four of its African branches, namely, Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria and Kenya.

The ultimate aim of this initiative is two-fold. Firstly, Cartrack aims to ensure that its employees have the necessary technical and soft skills competencies and experience that will ultimately enable the business to grow and remain competitive. Secondly, Cartrack is striving to ensure that its employees have the means and skills to grow as individuals and forge sustainable and long-term careers.

Cartrack is immensely proud of the difference this programme is making to the lives of its employees, and already has plans in place to implement the programme in the rest of its African branches in the near future.