Happy Button Review

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What is it in a Nutshell?

The Cartrack Happy Button is a value-added service available to clients with an installed Cartrack tracking system, and is the antidote to virtually any mishap or crisis. By activating your Happy Button remote or dedicated Happy Button on your mobile phone you will be linked to an experienced call centre agent who will take the hassle and worry out of your journey, no matter what your crisis. They will be able to relay a notification of an emergency to the police department, traffic department, the fire brigade, ambulance services, your security company or any other emergency service provider.

What are the Happy Button’s benefits?

Whether you’re travelling long distance or just down the road, the Happy Button gives added levels of security and peace of mind to your journey. By having a product dedicated to your well-being on the roads you constantly feel that you’re connected and that if anything happens be it a medical emergency, a breakdown, law related or if you just need directions or accommodation the Happy Button is one click away! The call centre agent is able to arrange for an ambulance or evacuation, immediately pass on any relevant medical information to the paramedics at the scene, verify medical details and medical aid status, and notify a family member or next-of-kin of your situation. The Happy Button is just another way of proving our ethos that Cartrack cares!
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