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Mi Fleet is a web-based software application for fleet management that consolidates all your fleet management data and operating costs into a single, user-friendly database. Mi Fleet puts you, the fleet manager, in control by giving you 24-hour access to accurate and reliable data, and providing you with the tools to reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Vehicles and Equipment Management

Store unlimited vehicle and equipment details, as well as costing, on a user-definable database that can be customised to suit your specific operation.

Driver Management

Store and manage complete driver details, including license inspections, MVR and training records, business mileage and a complete vehicle allocation history.

Repairs and Maintenance

Mi Fleet records and consolidates all your service and maintenance data. The key components include the real-time Fleet Status tools, which allow for at-a-glance visibility of your pending, due and past events.


Mi Fleet stores comprehensive accident and risk management details, as well as supporting multiple third-party entries for subrogation claims. Reports include summary, analysis and comparisons.

Fine Management

Mi-Fleet will assist you in managing your fines, letters and notices by ensuring that they are systematically recorded. Infringement notices, courtesy letters, enforcement orders, warrants of execution and fine payment notifications can all be linked directly to the relevant driver. Reports include status of fine, driver cost and more.

Report Writer

Crystal Reports are used for the design and production of reports within the Mi Fleet package, providing a combination of innovative fleet and administrative solutions that effectively integrate business partners’ infrastructure, products and services. All of the Report Writer options can be delivered and managed via the internet.


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