• Breathalyser is a cutting-edge ignition interlock device that is an invaluable tool in helping fleet managers enforce safer and sober driving.This product, which is used in association with Cartrack’s Start Inhibit product, prevents drivers from starting vehicles should the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of a driver be above the legal or pre-set limit.Should the driver fail a breath test, the result can be relayed via GSM to a customer control centre and the vehicle will immobilise as soon as the ignition is turned off. The device is equipped with two override functions, giving maximum mobility in an emergency situation, with all events, pass or fail, stored in the unit’s memory.

    This product used in association with Cartrack’s Start Inhibit product and is renowned for its reliability. Breathalyser is used with confidence by fleet and freight companies, transporters of dangerous goods, public transport vehicles and offender DUI programs.

Product Features and Pricing

The main benefits are

    • Electronic Counter Circumvention Measures (ECCM) that distinguish between mechanically simulated and human breath samples
    • Seamless, encrypted RF-download of data from vehicle to PC
    • GSM communicator for real-time reporting (optional extra)
    • Advanced fuel cell sensing technology
    • TAB hand-unit status LED indicates when the system is ready to receive a breath sample (especially useful in extreme operating temperatures)
    • TAB task bar indication graphically shows task progress for increased user-friendliness
    • Driver change switch with status LED:
      – Gives visual indication when a sample is required or accepted.
      – Prompts for driver change and samples.
    • The system can be configured to integrate with existing fleet management systems
    • The device is fitted with two override functions:
      – In emergency situations, a once-off reprogrammable override function can be used to keep the vehicle mobile.
      – In the unlikely event of a technical failure, an emergency override PIN code can be issued by the control centre.
    • The system is CAN-Bus enabled, which dramatically reduces installation time and enhances the system’s features capability
    • All features are programmable to meet customer, market and judiciary requirements.
    • Device has user-selectable language options
    • 12/24V connectivity
    • Hygienic, individually wrapped, disposable mouthpieces


Cash Sale:
Hardware Installation R5000
Monthly R95

36 months Rental:
Monthly R255

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