• A mobile application that further assists in the detection and reporting of unauthorised vehicle activity. This user-friendly extension of Cartrack’s mobile app is available on Android and IOS as a value-added service.

Key Product Features and Pricing

Key Product Features:

  • Instantly alerts clients as well as the 24- hour Cartrack control room if there is unauthorised ignition or movement of a specified vehicle
  • Clients can set the alert via the Cartrack mobile application on any of their vehicles equipped with a fleet-management product
  • The vehicle registration list will display for the logged in account allowing the user to manually activate or deactivate the respective vehicle/s
  • A confirmation message will display confirming successful activation or deactivation
  • When CarWatch is activated, any unauthorised movement or activity will be detected and result in the following actions:
    • An SMS will be sent to the user’s mobile number
    • A push notification will be sent to the user’s device on the Cartrack app
    • A control room case will be actioned by a control room agent who will call a client to confirm that all is in order
    • The CarWatch icon will be circled in red when CarWatch is triggered

Key Benefits:

  • Provides vehicle and fleet owners with greater control over their vehicles
  • User-friendly
  • Offers enhanced security assurance and peace of mind
  • Ideal for monitoring vehicles that are expected to be unused over a certain period

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