Drive Vision

This on-board dual camera system comprises a primary camera that records video footage with a 120-degree exterior view of the road ahead, plus a secondary driver camera that provides a 160-degree view of the inside of the vehicle cab. Audio is also supported.

The camera system has a built-in movement sensor, which records events such as speeding, harsh braking, sharp turning and severe acceleration.

Video footage is continuously captured. Such footage is made available in two ways:

  1. Video footage is buffered in the units memory card (up to 5 days) and selected time slots can be downloaded on request via a web interface
  2. Video footage is automatically downloaded per driving event (e.g. speeding, impact etc.) to a website address accessible to the client; a data centre reviews the footage against the client-determined driver behaviour regulations and provides full driver exception reporting for driver monitoring and coaching.

Drive Vision promotes safety and security for your fleet, drivers, passengers and the general public and improves driving behaviours, productivity and customer service.

The main benefits include

  • Reduced collisions
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Decrease in maintenance costs
  • Resolve accident and liability claims – accident reconstruction and determination of liability apportionment
  • Reduce inappropriate driver activity
  • Have on demand recordings of:
    • Drivers inability to access a work site
    • Timeous arrivals at designated locations
    • Indecent conduct by passengers or other drivers
    • Passenger count information
    • Location
  • Video and audio material reviewed for you with reporting for driver counselling and coaching. Reinforces commitment to safety

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Drive Vision

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